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  1. Pennsylvania #230 Type-R LE - Dealership

    Expecting any ROI on a mass market car that you purchased new (or close to it) is optimistic to say the least.
  2. VIN needed for cams

    I’d be surprised if it didn’t work. You could do the same thing to order any restricted parts they offer (Mugen SI, etc).
  3. VIN needed for cams

    find one listed for sale on eBay, etc and use it’s vin…
  4. What's your SI looking like today?

    Pro kit finally installed (they have only been sitting in my closet for three years...)
  5. What would cause clutch disc, pressure plate, and flywheel to be replaced at 14k miles?

    Not being mindful of the clutch when driving on one of the more aggressive tunes could do it too.
  6. FK7 6MT VS 2007 Mustang GT

    I could see you winning, but bus lengths seems optimistic to me. They should be trapping around 100 or so. Maybe poor driving? Is is an auto? Maybe it's slow to downshift? etc
  7. California Enkei Kojin 18x8.5 +50 $400

    Pending sale
  8. California Enkei Kojin 18x8.5 +50 $400

    Sorry, Sunnyvale (nor cal) Yep. 235 is fine on a 8.5
  9. California Enkei Kojin 18x8.5 +50 $400

  10. Body Kit Recommendations

    Mugen makes a kit for the fk7 among others. Not without swapping out the bumpers, fenders, etc..
  11. Kplayground KPG Painted Duckbill Spoiler for Sedan

    Damaged (chipped corner and near center of trunk) and not the same color as your vehicle... about par for K's. At least the fitment looks decent. Sorry OP.
  12. K20C1 Internals fit K20C2

    While they should have bought an SI, it was also on the R18 folks too. They begged Hondata and co. to release a tuning solution for them. They released it almost no one bought one. Shockingly, people who can't or choose not to afford a performance model, can't or won't spend money on modding...
  13. Flapping tire sound

    New tires? Does the sound change over different types of road? It could be something as simple as something stuck in the tread of the tire.. but hard to say.
  14. California (Nor-Cal) New Civic Sport side skirts in polished metal metallic $300 OBO

    Condition new and unmounted 71800-TGG-A50ZH & 71850-TGG-A50ZH I was going to re-pant them and use them on my sedan, but went with HFP sides instead. 300 OBO for the pair picked up. Located in Sunnyvale *They are dusty from storage
  15. What's your SI looking like today?

    Haven't posted in this thread in awhile.
  16. California 20MM Garage Line Spacers (Nor Cal)

    It is a complete set (4 spacers). They are just currently bolted together.