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  1. Florida FS: NEW Rampage TIP burnt

    Motivated seller. Sunday dump. Again brand new.
  2. MAPerformance FK8 Type R Intake PRE-RELEASE Information Post!

    I - for one - really appreciate your company trying to make performance parts for the FK8. I understand it takes time, people, and above all money. We def. need companies like yours to help improve the FK8 platform. Please take any criticism in this thread as ways to improve your...
  3. Florida WTB Radium coolant tank

    Seeing if anyone selling a radium coolant tank.
  4. Dr. Paint Chip?

    I agree 100%. 2 years later I have like 6-8 stupid paint chips. And now I’m looking into PPF.
  5. EVS carbon fiber lip / spoiler ... how's the fitment

    I'm thinking about doing it. Just installed the EVS lip.
  6. Pennsylvania Part Out

    would you sell front pipe separately ? what color ceramic coating?
  7. RV6 Performance Rear Camber Arm Install Guide For 10th Generation Civic Type R FK8

    Thanks for the pic ! Sounds like the rv6 camber and toe arms should be purchased together as a package. And makes much more sense to just get the upper control arm (SPC, eibach) for basic camber adjustment.
  8. PRL Motorsports 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8 High Volume Intake System Install Guide

    I trimmed my tube. But agree. If trimming doesn't effect the intake - then why wouldn't PRL just trim the EVAP portion down so the customer doesn't have to do it and there's no issues with clearance. Doesn't make much sense.
  9. RV6 Performance Rear Camber Arm Install Guide For 10th Generation Civic Type R FK8

    Why did you install the RV6 camber + toe along with the SPC uppers? Wouldn't just he Rv6 camber arms & toe links do all your rear adjustments?
  10. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    my 19 isn't listed yet. weird.
  11. What did you do to your Type R today?

    pinstriped EVS lip. Finally removed front license plate .
  12. CTR engine oil capacity and the poorly designed dipstick

    If only Chasing Js had oil level marked on the stick ... would be perfect!!!
  13. 255/40/18 Rubbing on springs?

    I'm looking at Spoon so drop isn't as low as Swifts
  14. 255/40/18 Rubbing on springs?

    Following ... in same boat. Curious what the experts think.
  15. Varis FK8 Aero Kit Installation Manuals (English Conversion)

    Bravo !!! Perfect timing for me. Varis wings arriving tomorrow !!! Thanks
  16. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I'm still debating on the red pinstripe. Might make it look better and blend in with the side skirts. I do like the splitter but it's low enough and can't imagine adding it and not scraping it all the time.
  17. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Well I'm happy that I decided to buy the varis wing instead of the EVS one the other day. haha. I guess body kits are hit and miss. This one was like 5% too narrow. I may try to drill out the holes on the EVS lip (underside) to align better with the holes on the bumper to install the...
  18. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Installed EVS lip. I give fitment a "B". Not all underside clips aligned and def couldn't use the 10mm bolts x 4. It's on solid with no gaps. But def not OEM fitment. Still best looking lip. Just wished it fit better.