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  1. Coupe’s

    I just bought my 10th gen Si used and it came with really tacky chrome molding on the lower part of the doors, anyone know how I can get rid of it without damaging the paint?
  2. Chrome trim removal

    So I just bought my 10th gen Si used, and it came with really tacky looking chrome molding on the lower parts of all four doors, any ideas on how to remove without damaging the paint?
  3. Computer Hard Reset

    How did you “calibrate” I’m having a very similar issue I have all those same warning lights on, car drives exactly the same, so weird. Tried unhooking the battery and pulling the ecu fuse and nothing. Someone, anyone, please help
  4. Las Vegas

    Just joined civicx here in Vegas interested in having a meetup sometime let me knoe
  5. Honda or Civic Car Clubs or meets in Las Vegas?

    Any chance of you guys having meets on either Sundays or Mondays?
  6. Las Vegas Si Meetup

    I think maybe the problem is that the post and or meetup is specific to Si owners, there seems to be more interest in just a general Vegas car meet
  7. Las Vegas Si Meetup

    I’m super interested!!! Sundays and Monday nights work best for me, let’s make something happen, just joined btw, 2017 civic si owner of just 3 weeks now