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  1. Type R Black Wheel Color?

    Berlina Black Paint Code: NH547 All the black trim on the outside of the CTR is this color, like the grille and middle rear bumper piece.
  2. RV6 Performance FK8 Civic Type-R Frontpipe

    It's ok lol. I got it a white ago and it's happily installed. Great quality piece just like the downpipe i already had from you guys!
  3. 2.0 Civic Any new mods

    You would probably get some more responses in the Non-Type R forum. I think you posted here by accident. Good luck!
  4. Apexi N1-X Evolution Exhaust In Stock?

    Attention Vendors! Who has this exhaust in stock and ready to ship at a good price? Not looking to drop ship from Apexi as they are apparently out of stock and waiting on a shipment from Japan. PM me please...
  5. Wide Body Kit Yall?

    Not needed. CTR is already wider than the regular hatch (wider fenders, quarter panel extensions, front bumper, rocker panels, etc.).
  6. Shopping for parts.

    I prefer Mishimoto for IC, it's bigger than PRL and comes with the charge pipes. DP/FP i prefer RV6 or PRL, i do currently have RV6 DP and FP on my car, but from what i have seen both brands have similar quality. The Mishimoto catch can was very good quality as well. Intake there are a lot of...

    Lol here was my last tank...
  8. Official Championship White Type R Picture Thread

    Troll in the Type R thread! :p
  9. Stock Type R tires only last 9,000 miles?

    Honda even warns about it right on the window sticker.
  10. Please list what exhaust you have, and your experience with it.

    Do you still have the original downpipe or have you gone cateless? Curious how this sounds without the cat.

    I think the OP bought the wrong car...o_O I'm lucky to get 19mpg and if you are filling up shortly after or at the time when the fuel light comes on you are usually only putting about 10 gallons in the tank. This car is by no means a gas guzzler. The actual "gas guzzler federal tax" that...
  12. Exhaust and catless combo without rice-y sound

    I would suggest some of the Japanese brands as they have pretty strict sound laws for exhaust. I'm currently looking at this one and its on the quiet side with a resonator.
  13. 2019 Type R stock exhaust FOR SALE
  14. APEXI N1-X Evolution Extreme Exhaust

    It does thanks! I also am waiting for the RV6 front pipe. I might just have to live with it tapering down, at least it's only 5mm. I've pretty much decided this is the exhaust im getting, I'm just waiting to finish saving the funds for it.
  15. APEXI N1-X Evolution Extreme Exhaust

    @Ctr1 Meant to tell you i listened to the videos and i think it sounds good! I also meant to you remember if the front of the exhaust where it meets the front pipe tapers down to a smaller diameter before it meets the front pipe. It kinda looks like it in the pics that are out there...
  16. RV6 Performance FK8 Civic Type-R Frontpipe

    @RV6 I saw you had another “preorder” and place an order last week. Any update when this next batch will be shipped out?
  17. APEXI N1-X Evolution Extreme Exhaust

    Good to know. Shouldn't really have drone without a cat if there inst any now. So that's good news.
  18. APEXI N1-X Evolution Extreme Exhaust

    How do you like it while driving? Sound good at higher rpms? Any drone at all?
  19. APEXI N1-X Evolution Extreme Exhaust

    I look forward to when you are back in town. A in cabin driving video and outside drive by video would be amazing if you could since they currently don't exist. That's the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger. I don't want obnoxious but i do want louder than stock and i hope it keeps...