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  1. WTB Complete SI Transmission Assembly

    Yea, I am really surprised more base civic guys aren’t trying to do the same thing. You running the W1? I just ordered mine. Knowing what you know now, would you make a different decision on the turbo?
  2. WTB Complete SI Transmission Assembly

    Believe it or not, I used to own a shop and have built many old school hotrods. I have a solid understanding of mechanical systems and how they work. The sole reason for the swap would be to add a LSD to my Sport. I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel, @Shadowfighter has paved the way...
  3. FX350 or FX400

    Good point, I was on the stock flywheel. That could account for some of my issues, though I have seen similar complaints from other members.
  4. WTB Complete SI Transmission Assembly

    I’ve looked into it and think it is doable. I don’t expect it to fall in place but it’s not impossible. If you KNOW something I don’t, please do share
  5. MAPerformance Wants Your Help!

    Hard Pass, I have posted about it before but I was not impressed with the FX350.
  6. 27won turbo. Who’s running it?

    I did the exact same thing @Scarlet, bought the FX350. Had chatter from the start, never smoothed our. Lasted a bit over 7,000 miles and gave out. My Type R setup is waiting to be installed and I wish I hadn’t wasted the money on the FX...
  7. 27won turbo. Who’s running it?

    I just ordered my W1 and PRL Intercooler with the pipes. Add that to my PRL Cobra Race MAF, PRL Catless DP/FP, flex fuel, Type R Clutch from E-man, and tune by DRob, and I think I’m going to stop there. Anyone running the same and had any issues? My car is a Sport, do you guys think my...
  8. FX350 or FX400

    I have full bolt installed with the FX350. I wasn’t ever able to get it engaging properly all the time. Had chatter from day one, thought it would get better after break in. Never did. Started slipping at about 7,000 miles. I now have the type R setup ready to be installed and wish I hadn’t...
  9. WTB Complete SI Transmission Assembly

    Like the title says, I am looking for a complete SI transmission assembly to do a swap into my 17 Sport. I do not need clutch, flywheel, slave, or master cylinders. If you have the drivers side axle and the passenger side half axle, I would be interested in those. If you have something you...
  10. FS - WI - Eibach Sportline Springs

    I also have a Sport Hatch. Would you mind posting a pic of before and after? I know you posted the model but can you tell me how much it lowers the front and rear?
  11. WTB OEM Si or Sport hb clutch

    I have my 2017 Sport hatch clutch, are you still looking for one? Has 9,000 miles on it. Not abused
  12. WTB oem Civic si flywheel

    Do you still need this? I have a 2018 SI flywheel. DM me if still looking
  13. FS- Si slave master cylinder

    This the slave cylinder right? The thread title is throwing me off. Do any of you know if this is an upgrade to a base model slave cylinder? I have my type r retro kit ready to go in. Has anyone used an base cylinder then the SI cylinder? Let me know what you think. It’s a good deal! Half...
  14. Rear Motor Mount

    Is there a part number that supersedes the number for the rear motor mount? Online Honda stores show it as discontinued. Thoughts?
  15. NEW Part! PERRIN Rear Motor Mount Insert

    Has anyone installed a window welded stock mount and can compare that to the Perrin inserts?