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  1. Where do you store your pistol?

    I mean.. kinda? Grey area, really. OP was asking where in the car to store his firearm, so kinda general 10thgen. loll
  2. Where do you store your pistol?

    My only issue is I have holsters for the 365 with no light and I kinda don't feel like spending more on another holster. lol. If I have one beef with the 365, its the proprietary rail. I have an olight pl mini 2 I use on my M&P, and it's a QD rail mounted light. Other than that, great little...
  3. Where do you store your pistol?

    This may kick it off topic a bit.. How you liking that TLR-6? I've been on the fence of whether to get one for my 365 or just say fuck it and stay lightless, keeping my EDC flashlight on me like I do. I half agree with the "never leaves the belt," but I think OP and possibly most other people...
  4. FS: OEM gloss black grille

    PM sent to @mt1293
  5. 1.5T FK7 Sport Hatchback Exhaust Cutout

    I'd just say do a muffler delete and don't even worry about the switch. Muffler delete on these cars is really quiet, all things considered
  6. Front Strut Tower Bar Survey

    Yep, disconnecting stuff is required. It's literally constructed like a chinese fingertrap. Negative battery cable was a non-issue to take off, but I was more apprehensive about the rubber tube since I couldn't find a damn thing about what it was or what that tube may or may not contain. Traced...
  7. FS: OEM gloss black grille

    Chipping away at mountains of boxes, I think I can almost see it. Somehow, it got "organized" to the back of the garage when we were unloading our storage pod. Also, work (albeit work from home) starting to get a bit crazier with everything starting to open up and/or people getting bored and...
  8. Hard wiring dash cam

    I thought about using the door lock. Tried using the door lock. Also tried using the power window fuse. Neither have a completed circuit unless you're locking/unlocking the door or opening/closing the windows
  9. Hard wiring dash cam

    I went off of this sticker on my car, used #17 since my car didn't come with CMBS. My dash cam comes on in acc mode
  10. Who else couldn't care less about "infotainment"?

    I feel the same way. Bluetooth and Pandora is what I rock. If I'm feeling frisky, my 160gb 6th gen ipod classic with some 22k+ songs on it is also plugged in. My buddy with his 16 ex-t sedan praises every single bit of tech, and I always come back with, "that shit makes me feel like a passenger...
  11. Las Vegas

    On my 2002, I had a high flow cat that would throw a CEL. $4 spark plug non-fouler trick worked and I passed smog with it. Also passed smog with 21psi KTuner tune on my 2018
  12. Where do you store your pistol?

    Finally got around to taking a pic of where mine goes when it's not on my hip edit: the realization that those business cards can be used as a shameless plug, but legit, they've both been sitting there. lol. Also, the scratches on the backside are from before I started using microfiber cloths...
  13. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I'm not cool enough for that ejecto seato life, but I will fuck up whoever is in first place. Can I join the club? :rofl:
  14. Where do you store your pistol?

    lol dude you almost had me
  15. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    lol I never got that much attention when I posted mine up :rofl: I've gotten a few requests from people that want me to fab one up for them. Just letting everyone know that I just moved, so all my tools and what have you are still in boxes with no workbench to work on. It may be a minute until...
  16. Where do you store your pistol?

    disclaimer, I've not personally used aliengear holsters, but I have heard nothing but good things about them. Roomie's been considering the shapeshift core kit, and I have been, too. Then again, I OWB my M&P since I'm a small dude and the full size isn't quite CCW-able, and have both an OWB and...
  17. Where do you store your pistol?

    Take a look at Alien gear holster's shapeshift core kit, There's a mounting option similar to @er1c_b and you have the ability to quickly move the shell from the mount and put it on an OWB platform as well as other platforms. It's kinda cool, will run you about $100, but you basically get like...
  18. Where do you store your pistol?

    @MYSI2112 I think you got threadjacked homie. lol
  19. Where do you store your pistol?

    The same reason that houses with pools have higher drowning risk?
  20. Where do you store your pistol?

    Armrest console for me. Full size M&P in its holster (Safariland GLS 578) fits in there with room to spare. I use a microfiber cloth sitting at the bottom and another one kinda wadded up in the negative space between the non-paddle side and the wall of the console so it doesn't rattle around...