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  1. Using Genesis Brembo

    Hello. Those who have done this can you share links from where I can pick up rotors and calipers for cheap DIY. Don't have thousand bucks for BBK
  2. 27Won Front Mount Intercooler Review with Datalogs

    very detailed and nice review. want PRL FMIC users to guide me whether they get similar results or slightly better stats so that I may make an informed decision to purchase one.
  3. ISO: FMIC

    Hi. As the title says I'm looking for aftermarket FMIC preferably slightly used. P
  4. Mishimoto v/s PRL v/s 27WON Intercooler

    before you install get IATs datalog.d so that it can be compared with post 27won IC performance.
  5. 27WON - Testing the OE Turbo Inlet Pipe

    I hope they worked out how much pressure builds up at outlet after increasing air flow with a broader path... Hope it might not result in something unbeneficial..
  6. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Vehicle: 2017 Sedan CVT 1.5T Total tuned time: 2 months Total tuned mileage: ~1200 miles Mileage: 26,000 miles Tuning device(s) used: KTuner v1.2 Tunes used: Dual calibration, TSP Stage 1 map 3 Fuel used: 91-94 octane Additional engine mods: CAI RACE MAF, SI TURBO, DP/FP Problems/issues...
  7. Wastegate Calibration

    Hello, So I recently swapped my turbocharger with a si turbocharger. Since these MHI turbochargers come with electronic wastegates so I was wondering how can we calibrate it?
  8. Wastegate Actuator problem

    do update..
  9. 1.5L Turbo Civics – Let's Talk Intakes

    Thanks As of now I'm using ktuner starter maps which give option to select prl race maf option which is not available in stage maps. Waiting for tsp tune to arrive, previous one they sent was corrupted
  10. PRL Cobra CAI Race Tuning

    After selecting race maf from drop down menu I saw a change. Can you tell whether its normal or needs attention? Before MAP reading was 979 now it is 282. Thanks
  11. 1.5L Turbo Civics – Let's Talk Intakes

    Hello Will map (manifold absolute pressure) change after installing cobra cai race version?
  12. Trouble loading TSP stage 1

    None... After selecting the file I waited and waited for activity on ktuner interface but nothing so I tried hitting the upload (up arrow) several times but nothing..
  13. Hands on with TSP's Stage 1 tune for the 1.5T (non-Si)

    Guys need your help. I am unable to load tsp tune. I installed cobra CAI race maf. When I open tsp file in ktuner nothing happens after selecting file.. unable to upload (up arrow) I am on latest version of ktuner and ktuner base maps upload just fine. Pls suggest
  14. Trouble loading TSP stage 1

    Guys I am unable to load tsp tune. My ktuner is up to date. I am able to load all ktuner base maps. But when I select tsp tune file nothing happens.. i wait n wait for tune to show some signs but nothing on ktuner. Pls help.
  15. Looking for an intercooler in 2020 - Need a help

    hell expensive... i would prefer mishimoto