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  1. Finally!! OEM splash guards for the Hatchback Sport

    Yeah, I think either more primer or more sanding (or both). It’s not really peeling too bad - my daughter thought it’d be funny to stick a piece of tape on it while she was “helping daddy work”. :) I probably should’ve had them done by a paint shop, but I was kind of just trying a DIY thing. I...
  2. Finally!! OEM splash guards for the Hatchback Sport

    I sanded mine, then did primer, gloss black, and gloss clear coat - all regular Rustoleum from Home Depot.
  3. Still in Honda Family but traded my Hatch

    Man I love that sandstorm metallic - would’ve gotten that on my ‘18 hatch if it was available.
  4. What color is your Civic and if you had to get something else, what would it be?

    - polished metal on a hatchback ST. - I initially wanted sonic gray, which I still like, but the polished metal looks REALLY good when it’s clean.
  5. Finally!! OEM splash guards for the Hatchback Sport

    - The stubby is still a Phillips, but it’s only like 4” long (as opposed to a normal size screwdriver). Here’s a set of two on amazon: STANLEY 62-000 Stubby Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set, 2-Piece - The other Phillips you’ll...
  6. Silicone hose worth it?

    I got the drop-in filter and hoses from PRL, but mostly just to save on filter costs (as mentioned above), and for the looks. I’m not sure I feel any significant difference, but it looks a lot better.
  7. First Post! First way to ruin my first SI!

    I also went with the Hondata +6 base tune and it’s like driving a whole new car.
  8. Car won’t lock if it’s running?

    I’m pretty sure I read somewhere or saw an official Honda video that said it’ll shut off if it’s out of range of the fob. That’s a bummer about having to use the key - I’ve never owned another car with keyless entry where it wouldn’t let you just lock it normally with the fob even while it’s...
  9. Car won’t lock if it’s running?

    Hey Guys - not sure if I’m just dumb or what, but my 2018 won’t lock if the car is running. Like for example, I leave it running and get out to go in my house and hit the lock on the fob but it doesn’t actually lock (and the lights don’t flash or anything). Is this normal or do I have some...
  10. Finally!! OEM splash guards for the Hatchback Sport

    Hey guys - I finally got around to installing mine and wanted to post some pics. Like I mentioned before, I wanted to paint them gloss black, so I just used plain old Rustoleum gloss with Rustoleum clear coat. They definitely look black, but unfortunately the texture keeps them from being as...
  11. 2019 Civic hatch?

    Just get a FlashPro or KTuner and BAM - civic hatch converted to Si.
  12. awesome gas mileage with civic hatch

    I’ve only got 600 miles on my ST hatch, and in mostly city driving (20 miles a day, roughly 6 of those are on the hwy) I’m only getting around 25. :( still better than my Jeep at 15.5 average.
  13. Newbie thinking of trading Jeep for Civic Hatch

    EXACTLY this! I live in Austin, my JKU was a stick, and man it sucked in traffic. If you have Honda sensing and the CVT, the car basically drives itself and it’s so nice.
  14. Newbie thinking of trading Jeep for Civic Hatch

    I just traded my 2015 Unlimited Rubicon for the 2018 Sport Touring and man, it is awesome. I drove civics back in the day, but have been driving Jeeps for the last 8 years. I hunt/fish, so it was nice to have, but I also hated the mileage, given that I only needed it off road like 4 or 5 times a...
  15. First dealership to offer Hondata reflash!

    Hey Y'all - I know this is an old thread, but I'm wondering if the engine needs to be broken in before the flash is done? I have the Sport Touring HB w/ about 450 miles on it so far.
  16. Should I get a Type R? Looking for a more fun car, not a track car

    I’m going to go against the grain here and say get the Sport Touring Hatch. I just bought one 2 weeks ago, mainly because I also kind of drive like a grandpa, and didn’t want a stick for my DD because I drive in traffic every day. The ST is super fun to drive, has plenty of power, and also has...
  17. Finally!! OEM splash guards for the Hatchback Sport

    Just want to say thanks to you guys for the links/pics. I just got mine from College Hills Honda yesterday. Now I’m wondering should I - paint them gloss black - paint them polished metal to match the car - keep them like they are Anyone have any suggestions or pics of the gloss black/body...