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  1. Civic X and E85

    Yea this is what I read on it. 30%-40% on custom tune, but up to 70% on Hondata’s base map
  2. Civic X and E85

    Thanks for the updates! I recently got mine up to 50% out of curiosity. And that extra 10% made a hell of a difference.
  3. Civic X and E85

    Wanted to start a thread to see and hear feedback from those of you using a flexfuel kit. How long Have you had it? Any troubles? What % do you like to keep yours at? What’s your 0-60 times? What your butt dyno say? The more info the better I’ll start I have a 2016 Sedan touring. All I have...
  4. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Forgot to mention, I’ve been on E85 for about 5000 miles. I’ve been peaking my turbo around 26.5PSI 👀👀. Even with a +6??? I don’t get it but No trouble yet. Knock on wood
  5. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Vehicle: 2016 Touring Total tuned time: 1 year Total tuned mileage: 30,000+ Tuning device(s) used: Hondata Flashpro Race. Tunes used: Hondata +6, Hondata +6 w/flexfuel Fuel used: E85/91 mix Additional engine mods: sirimoto flex fuel kit, 27WON intake, 27WON RMM. Just to name a few :)...
  6. Question about fog lights

    1. Ordered from that eBay link, I was one of the ones that had to flip the wires. Easy enough though. He said he’d never seen anyone that had to flip them before, so I guess I was special. But 90% of the time they don’t need to be flipped. 2. 100% plug and play! I would recommend! You do have...
  7. How many miles on your CVT civic?

    What all have you done to get that kind of power? I’m running the +6 PSI w/ Flexfuel tune and a 27WON CAI. Making around 265hp
  8. For sale: OEM chrome door handles

    Here are some close ups. It definitely looks easy, they have YouTube videos on how to remove them. I’m thinking $175 + shipping? Side note, I also have a chrome grille for sale if that’s something you’re interested in.
  9. For sale: OEM chrome door handles

    I think you mean every time I pass you!!!
  10. For sale: OEM chrome door handles

    I can check tomorrow, I believe they’re around $350 ish new for all four doors. (But I want to confirm before I throw a price out there) These are the ones with the keyless entry. Hey she’ll be 4 in July lol. Condition is great! I can take some close ups if you’d like. I’m doing it myself, they...
  11. For sale: OEM chrome door handles

    Swapping my chrome door handles for paint matched ones. . Haven’t taken them off the car quite yet. Should be coming off in a week. Posting a little early to see if anyone would be interested. $175 + shipping and they are yours!
  12. FS: 20mm spacer

    Got any pictures of what they look like on the car? And what’s shipping to 74137?
  13. Honda door film OEM new Coupe

    Could you post a picture of what they look like on your car? Curious on fitment
  14. OEM Suspension

    Still available?
  15. Noticeable Thud from Right Front 2017 Civic

    Same thing here but mine started after I was hit by a pot hole. (Yes I worded that right)
  16. New

    Welcome! I love the paint choice! You’ll love the car!
  17. EX S mode

    Here’s what Honda says about it. Drive (S) ● Better acceleration. ● Increased engine braking. ● Going up or down hills. Quoted from the quick reference guide
  18. 17 Civic Si Goodies. PICK UP ONLY, El Paso

    Did you have any heat issues with the valve cover? Like it getting to hot? How long did you use it?
  19. **RECALL FIX - Capless Fuel System** Si Coupe Issue Only?

    I just bought the parts and did it myself. Well worth it in my opinion!