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  1. 2017 Civic Type-R Partout!

    So sorry to see this :( May I ask is the steering wheel still available and how much? Don't need the airbag or controls, just the steering wheel.
  2. FS: Injen Intercooler Piping Kit and Vibrant Performance Resonator

    Are these the complete set of intercooler pipes? Do you happen to know if they'll fit any other intercoolers? I'm running PRL currently.
  3. Eibach 25mm rear sway bar - $150 Shipped

    I can get these brand new for about $180. Is your price firm?
  4. CO Section!!

    I just requested to join!
  5. CO Section!!

    I agree!
  6. SOLD: RV6 Catless Downpipe

    Selling an RV6 Catless Downpipe w/ ceramic coating and thermal wrap for $300. Unit is in good condition with no issues. Will ship at buyer's expense.
  7. Catted PRL downpipe and frontpipe

    Willing to just sell the DP? If so, what would your price be shipped to 80013?
  8. Looking for OEM Tires in Tampa, FL

    I've got four for sale with 1000 miles each. In great condition, no nails or issues. I'm in CO though, so you'd be liable for shipping.
  9. Dyno Day Interest?

    Gotcha. Thanks for advising!
  10. colorado owners

    How's that coming along? :drive: I just bought mine at the beginning of the month and the mod bug is intense with this platform! :spaz:
  11. what type of tire in UT or CO are you using?

    I'm on BF Goodrich G-Force Comp 2 (255/35/20) and so far so good. I've driven on snow these past couple of days, and although it can get squirrely very quickly under moderate acceleration, it is composed as soon as you get off the throttle. If you have a commute and this is your daily, I...
  12. CO Section!!

    Thanks! I hope to get to meet you all out here :wave:
  13. Part Out

    Downpipe still available? Can you send a photo? Can't find this part anywhere on the internet..
  14. Dyno Day Interest?

    Sounds like a good idea. I wonder why no one else is responding? I'm interested in getting some baseline numbers. Out of curiosity, do you guys tune Hondata FlashPro or just Ktuner?
  15. CO Section!!

    Hey all, I'm a new 19' PMM CTR owner and would love to get together for R specific meets around Denver. Don't mind some Si's or hatchback sports tagging along, either! As soon as this snow clears up, maybe we can all pick a date and location. Sounds like Edge Autosport might be the spot to check...