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  1. Running catless dp with stock exhaust?

    It sounded pretty decent normal driving. But under load, it was like a tin can lol. And the overrun sounded like shaking a bunch of nails inside of said tin can. This sounds good though. Like stock, but with the volume turned up.
  2. Running catless dp with stock exhaust?

    It definitely is. Eman went from a catless downpipe w/ stock catback, to a Type-R catback, and it's so much better. It sounds quieter on video too, but I've never heard it in person so I don't wanna say.
  3. Running catless dp with stock exhaust?

    I drove beside an Si with that setup a while back. I'd say it was a little quieter than my muffler delete, if anything. Not sure about cold starts. It does sound like a tin can though.
  4. Wheel Cleaner

    I've been using an iron remover from a brand called Eagle One. I can wipe my wheels with my finger and it will be completely spot free. It's so strong that I've got rust stains in my driveway.
  5. Argh! Windows open during heavy rain

    Holding the unlock button on the key fob opens the windows on most cars
  6. Is my alignment off or is there some other issue?

    Yeah it doesn't bother me, although it probably should. I'll go for another alignment next year lol
  7. Is my alignment off or is there some other issue?

    My car turns to the right all the time. It's very slight. Enough that I don't notice it unless I'm thinking about it. I don't think it's my tires because the problem was still there with my winter wheel set. My suspension is 100% stock. HFP dampers and springs.
  8. Is my alignment off or is there some other issue?

    I'm in a similar situation. My car pulls to the right slightly, so I drive with the steering wheel about 2 degrees CCW. I got an alignment about a month ago, and it only took 2 days for the alignment to go out of whack again (and that's with the biggest bumps being entrances to driveways). It's...
  9. Muffler Delete Regrets?

    How is it compared to your F150?
  10. Muffler Delete Regrets?

    Oh yeah, I'd definitely bring it back. A crying whale doesn't sound appealing lol
  11. Muffler Delete Regrets?

    Is it more of a "whooshing" noise? It might just be the wastegate opening up. It's pretty silent with the stock exhaust, but you can hear it very subtly with the muffler delete.
  12. Muffler Delete Regrets?

    No regrets here. It's not as loud as videos make it out to be. My first reaction hearing it in person was that it was really quiet. Someone on my street has a C43 with the factory performance exhaust and it's way louder lol. My only complaints are that it is noisy from the inside (relative to...
  13. Muffler delete or resonator delete?

    Yeah, there is going to be no difference. In theory, you'll get better flow, and save a few lbs; which should get you more power and better economy, but it's pretty negligible. Any difference you feel will be in your head.
  14. Muffler delete or resonator delete?

    No loss in power or fuel economy. Unless you count the fact that having an exhaust makes you drive harder because it sounds nice, then yes, I'm probably getting worse economy lol.
  15. Muffler delete or resonator delete?

    You're right. I have a muffler delete. I really wanted an Invidia exhaust that a member here was selling. I didn't go for it because it's a lot of money for a car, that IMO, doesn't sound that good no matter what setup I've heard. I am planning on welding in a Magnaflow muffler, but the pandemic...
  16. Muffler delete or resonator delete?

    Catless downpipe with the stock catback makes it sound like a tin can. People behind you are gonna smell gas and think your car is broken lol.
  17. 2018 Honda civic si HFP?

    Yeah you'll love it if you're currently on winter tires. The tires are so much stiffer and the turn in is so much sharper; it makes dodging potholes easier lmao
  18. All American. Challenger crushes.

    My G37 (pre Covid-19) costs $80CAD to fill up. That's almost twice my Civic. But my Civic gets twice the range lol
  19. All American. Challenger crushes.

    I totally agree, but reading this SI forum, you'd think people here only care about straight line speed lol.
  20. 2018 Honda civic si HFP?

    I'm in Ontario, which I don't think the potholes are as bad. The 19" wheels with PS4S tires are definitely stiffer than my 17" winters. I do find myself looking out for potholes a lot, especially driving in areas I'm not used to.