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  1. Highest mileage to date with 10th gen Si's?

    Yep, for work. I turn 71 in a couple of weeks and, as I told my wife the other day, "If I can keep this up for another 30 years, I can afford to retire."
  2. Highest mileage to date with 10th gen Si's?

    Hi there. If the question about the clutch was directed at me (I'm right above you on the thread), the answer is "yes." Original clutch and original all-weather tires at 50K (mostly highway) miles.
  3. Highest mileage to date with 10th gen Si's?

    My '17 Si has over 50,000 miles and the only mods are a Hondata flash at +9 psi and a K&N cold air intake. I regularly drive from the Chicago-area to NE, MN, Detroit and KC so most of my miles are highway. Typically, on the highway, I drive at the posted speed plus 10 mph just to keep distance...
  4. Motortrend tested the 2020 civic SI

    My observation (2017 Si) has been that with the slightly taller final ratio, I still have to shift to 3rd before hitting 60 mph--over-revving to prevent the time lost with the shift does nothing to improve the 0-60 as the engine runs out of steam up top. I believe (not proven) that my 0-60...
  5. The Si's power figures are underrated

    Good point re: the increased drive train efficiency over the past few years. The dyno run was done in the spring (not on winter gasoline), on a clear, dry day with a relatively cool ambient temp, a fully warmed but not hot engine and only a single run was done. Using the 10% drive train loss...
  6. The Si's power figures are underrated

    182 hp at the wheels probably equates to about 214 at the crank so, yes, the stock Si is underrated (but not by much). On a dyno run, my Si produced 210 whp which is probably pushing 247 hp or so at the crank. This is with a Hondata +9 psi tune and a K&N cold air intake.
  7. How old are y’all

    I turn 71 next month and am driving a (slightly) tuned 2017 Si that I picked up in August of '17. I've driven and worked on a lot of cars over the years including a 348 c.i. '59 Chevy, a Formula S Barracuda, a '68 Charger RT (440 c.i.), a '62 Porsche 356 B 1600 Super, a '78 Triumph Spitfire...
  8. "Oil dilution settlement"

    If, in fact, there is fuel diluting your engine oil, you should experience an increase in the oil level, when checking it via the dipstick (this could also result from coolant entering the crankcase/lubrication system). Neither is likely. Frankly, unless fuel is blowing by the piston rings I'm...
  9. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    I, too, have encountered a slight grinding which to my ear indicates a slow synchro. It is most noticeable when first driving on a cool/cold morning and reduces somewhat after everything is fully warmed up. To test the slow synchro theory, I've tried double-clutching the 1-2 shift and, voila, it...
  10. How much is Too much power

    That and the fact that (at least on my car running 27 PSI per the gauge), there's no performance gained by revving 2nd gear past 60 MPH or shifting before 60 MPH. On the one hand, torque drops off; on the other, you've lost time with a shift.
  11. How much is Too much power

    I've gotta' disagree. Up-tuning any engine provides a lot of satisfaction; just knowing you're getting more out of it and feeling it in the seat of your pants is its own reward. I'm reliably getting 200+ whp in my Si and it's a thrill any time I feel them working.
  12. How long does your 1->2 shift take?

    Any time the clutch is slipping, such as when it is engaging/disengaging right at the friction point, causes wear.
  13. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Vehicle: 2017 Civic Si Sedan Total tuned time: 27 months Total tuned mileage: 40,000+ miles Tuning device(s) used: Hondata, K&N cold air intake Tunes used: Hondata +9 psi with recommended calibrations for Si with intake Fuel used: 93 octane, Shell or BP Additional engine mods: none...
  14. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Hi Arnaldo and good luck. For whatever it's worth, I've been running a FlashPro with +9 PSI on a 2017 Civic Si for over 25,000 miles now and could not be happier. I used the tunings that came with it and they have produced incredible results with absolutely no problems thus far.
  15. Tanabe Shock Tower Brace for 2013 Civic Si

    Well DUH! I thank you. I never even thought about this when I created the thread. Thanks again, Steve.
  16. Tanabe Shock Tower Brace for 2013 Civic Si

    Tanabe Front Shock Tower Brace for 2013 Civic Si--purchased new, on-line. Opened box before realizing it would not fit my car. In original box with all parts, hardware, paper, etc. Located Joliet, IL. Purchaser responsible for shipping cost or will deliver in SW Chicago suburbs. Best offer...
  17. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    The decal is on to stay. Actually, since picking the car up in August of '17, it has never been back to the dealer for anything. I do most of the scheduled routine maintenance myself or take it to a local mechanic. No "non-routine" maintenance has been needed.
  18. Please test my theory to achieve smooth shifts.

    To validate my comments: I once drove a 3.8 L E-type Jag from Chesterfield, IN back to Indianapolis, where I worked on it for the friend that owned it, WITH NO CLUTCH (the slave cylinder had blown). It was a matter of putting the car in 2nd gear with the engine off, hitting the starter to move...
  19. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Vehicle: 2017 Civic Si Total tuned time: 24 months Total tuned mileage: 30,000+ miles Tuning device(s) used: Hondata Flash, K&N cold air intake, Tunes used: Hondata +9 and minimal adjustments Fuel used: Shell 93 octane Problems/issues: None Driving style: Slightly speedy with (very)...