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  1. Summer tires year round in Orange County?

    You are fine. Both my wife and I run 200tw UHP tires. Just don’t speed around when it rains.
  2. The Fast Lane Car 2020 Type R and Si comparison

    I’ve driven both and of course since the type r wasn’t mine I didn’t drive it as hard as my Si but I can say the Si to Type R there is no comparison. The additional 10-12k is well worth it if you can afford.
  3. 1st time driving a Type R thru the canyons

    Hit me up on IG @brakefastclub_kev we can link up.
  4. 1st time driving a Type R thru the canyons

    Everyone is giving me shit about why I haven’t upgraded lol. Wife isn’t feeling it right now
  5. 1st time driving a Type R thru the canyons

    Had my buddy lead in his BRZ to keep me in check. Man compared to my si this thing is fucking night and day. Here’s a vid of my si same road same day.
  6. How’s my driving lol

    GoPro sessions. My old one crapped out so I got 2 refurbished ones for 140 bux
  7. How’s my driving lol

    Learning all the time 😄
  8. How’s my driving lol

    Thanks man I love this car
  9. How’s my driving lol

  10. Verus Engineering Rear Diffuser - Any interest?

    1000% doesn’t matter at this point they told me they’re not going into production anymore. Unfortunately majority of civic owners want everything at eBay prices.
  11. Verus Engineering Rear Diffuser - Any interest?

    Well big thing here is these are made in the USA and 99% of the diffusers out there are not designed for function. Example... Wheels made in Japan vs wheels made in China.
  12. Will you need rear cambers for D2 Springs or the stocks are fine ?

    You need rear camber arms especially with the D2 drop. Front camber will not be affected as much as the rear. More rear camber will actually mean more understeer and less rotation from the rear wheels.
  13. Type R and Gti uphill run

    Lolol I just painted the lip on my wife’s Gti and after today RIP to the lip. Have to redo it now 😢
  14. Type R and Gti uphill run

    Sorry YouTube blocking 😢. If you have IG you can watch it @brakefastclub_kev
  15. Type R and Gti uphill run

    Si is out of rubber. Took wife’s Gti up the mountain today. Enjoy
  16. What's your SI looking like today?

    Wifey posing with side piece. Also threw in a pic of her and her GTI