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  1. FS: VOLK RACING TE37 SAGA TIME ATTACK | 18X9.5 +44 5X120

    Man I got good friend that lives in Savannah ....
  2. RAYS CTR FK8 Spec Wheel Options

    Nice! How are the V720s (esp on track)?
  3. Question about track setup for type R

    Go for it, the CTR is great track car and totally livable the rest of the time. I tracked mine 5-6x last year with only swapping the OEM brake fluid. The stock pads do pretty good - not the best, but you dont have to take them off right away. Get the car, and have fun - its an absolute blast...
  4. RAYS CTR FK8 Spec Wheel Options

    18x9.5 +38 TE37 SL, Eibach ProKit, 265/35-18 Firehawk Indy500. No rubbing, at least not yet. Headed to track on Apr1.
  5. What are your complaints with the type R?

    - overheating on track (this is a track ready car, come on) - ridiculous 20" wheels/30 series tires - climate control through the infotainment is shite - no volume knob (I have a 17) - small tank + fuel starve issues on track - way too much red in the interior - exhaust too quiet for this type...
  6. bluetooth call quality vs. year and phone type?

    +1000 LOL. Its *definitely* not the case with CP.
  7. bluetooth call quality vs. year and phone type?

    Correct - and if OP uses AA and the call quality is still shite, then he'll know its the mic. If not, its prob some bluetooth issue between the headunit and phone.
  8. bluetooth call quality vs. year and phone type?

    Try using AA and see if its the same? I know when I talk to my wife in her Forester, if she is using the Bluetooth it sounds like crap, but if shes using CP it sounds fine. I can tell the difference immediately and always scold her for using BT instead of CP :D
  9. Brembo rotors

    Anyone have any experience with these vs the stock OEM rotors? Looking for rotors for this HDPE season. Thinking of these (kinda wish they weren't drilled)...
  10. Titan T-R10 18x9.5 +45 Machine Black

    Looks great, let us know how you like the Yoko Apexes also!
  11. Favorite Brake Pads......GO!

    Good info. Could you drive the XP10 on the street to/from track? I dont care about dust or noise, but would like to stop at "cold/street" temps.
  12. CTR 2020 arriving at dealerships

    2020 regular Civics yes, CTRs - no.
  13. Dealer markup based on color

    That is quite comical
  14. Live Pics: 2020 Civic Type R in Boost Blue From CAS

    Uhm having owned a 98 Prelude, 97 ITR, an 01 ITR for many years (as in buying them new) , I can tell you that the Prelude, while a great car, is not in any way faster than an ITR. Not autocross, not road course, nor drag. :shrug
  15. Live Pics: 2020 Civic Type R in Boost Blue From CAS

    Prelude is a faster car than what car?
  16. Revisiting the Badge Number - Production Number Correlation Problem

    There is definitely a correlation between badge # and VIN#. The higher the badge #, the higher the VIN # - GENERALLY. I was tracking this via excel spreadsheet for awhile - every CTR ViN I could find via dealer websites that also had pics of the badge #, I put in a spreadsheet. Then I...