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  1. Illinois Check in....

    We have uppermidwest fk8 page on fb.
  2. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    @fatherpain Did you try original bov before you changed to Purple?
  3. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    Hey, from my experience standard noise is more of traditional bov whistle noise and when I changed to Purple, now high pitch whistle noise is gone but more of intake air sounds but louder. Haven't tried the gold yet. As we are probably aware... when removing small allens heads, be sure to not to...
  4. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    It will reset it but you won't have to enter the code with typeR, you just have to drive for little bit and it will be all good
  5. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    No Issues since installed which is about 2 years now. changed out bov sound by changing front to purple and now it make more intakes sounds then whooosh sounds. For me even with EVS bracket, it was still rubbing with eventuri so I ended up getting whole HKS setup. Can't wait to see your...
  6. EVS carbon fiber lip / spoiler ... how's the fitment

    I went thru both EVS V1 and V2 Front Lip and Splitter. In my experience, V1, It was super super tight fit, and my lower grille mesh wouldn't lock in and kept popping out. (Used it for about 2 years) V2. Overall fitment was highly improved but lower grille mesh still would't lock in, so had to...
  7. Honda Civic Type R FK8 Parts**J's Racing Exhaust/Diffuser/AFE Power FP/Undertray/Hybrid Racing***

    How much for Rear Hatch Garnish $200 CAD comes with emblems shipped to 60191?

    I drive my R daily running with HKS Bov but haven't faced any minor/major issues related running BOV. It's arguable topic since we don't really have data. I've seen owners with HKS BOV doing track or driving daily, but no signs of issue yet. I'm just type of person believe company like HKS...
  9. Civic Type R FK8 Lithium Battery Upgrade

    Very useful and worth upgrades for sure. Two thumbs up! but I just can't justify the price range....something like this I was thinking about $200-300 but $600-$900 is very steep imo.
  10. J's Racing FK8 LED Headlights

    Nice! can't wait for install video!!
  11. My Shiny New Knob * UPDATE on last page* (HD pics)

    check their webiste, it tells you how many are in the stock. if not then it took me about 2-3 weeks to get mine. I love their products
  12. DRL + FOG lights or HIGH BEAMS/DRL +FOG lights module (Now side markers!) New Plug and play!

    oh that's great news. let us know when you are ready with fully plug and play
  13. Remus Exhaust: Detailed Review

    If you want to control the valve (close or open) then you need a controller. It is operated by bluetooth via phone or remote provided. without sound controller you can just manually have valve fully open.