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  1. Seat heaters

    Hmm, weird. There's a noticeable difference between High and Medium for me. It may be because you start out on High and drop it after it gets uncomfortable. Try just starting on Medium.
  2. Anyone else have cracked foglight lenses?

    Just by looking at the pitting around the lenses, it looks like you took some shots by very well placed rocks while driving.
  3. Has anyone put a remote starter in there SI

    I was just on their website as you posted this. So I dug through their installation materials and noticed they list "Smart Key Takeover" but then in their troubleshooting section where installers post issues they have, they say Smart Takeover is not supported. So, I'm a little weary of that one...
  4. Has anyone put a remote starter in there SI

    I looked up DEI's (viper clifford python) and Idatalink's solutions and DEI lists "Takeover: NO" while idatalink lists this "4 No takeover available. Vehicle will shut down on unlock. PTS Vehicles: The door handle request switches will remain operational during the remote start sequence." This...
  5. Has anyone put a remote starter in there SI

    I should mention that last time I checked the firmware for most major remote start companies the take over procedure requires the vehicle to shut off when you get in. Essentially after remote starting and heading out to the vehicle the car will shut off when you open the door to get in. You have...
  6. Has anyone put a remote starter in there SI

    Compustar is a really good option for manual transmission remote starters. The hassle is much less than a Directed Electronics system (viper clifford python). Also, unless you're prepared for additional costs, don't get one that you can start with your phone. The module operates on 3g which...
  7. Gas station galore

    If you're in Omaha, all the Fantasy's have 93. Pretty much the only place I'll go for gas.
  8. How low did you go

  9. A guy walks out of a grocery store....

    I used to do this. It seems though, people can tell when someone cares about their stuff and wants to fuck with it then. Parked in the back row at a friend's apartments. Got backed into (watched it happen) and the guy said, "I didn't even look there because nobody parks in the back row"...
  10. Recalls on the CR-V 1.5L Turbocharged Should be coming in November..Should civic owners be worried?

    Because this is the first time it references USDM vehicles being affected. Before it was just speculation, but here we have evidence of stateside issues.
  11. It seems like the Chinese recall for oil dilution is making its' way stateside.

    The only way you're going to notice is by checking your oil level very often and noting any rise. Some people have noted the smell of fuel in the passenger compartment as well, but I'm a windows down and sunroof open kind of guy. So, I'll most likely miss that detail.
  12. 2018 SI Coupe - Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

    I'm almost certain this is a BCM issue as it controls both the alarm and the locks/door switches. It reminds of the early 2000's Caravan/Town & Country from Diamler. My neighbor had one and in the middle of the night, I would watch the thing lock and unlock itself frequently and open/close the...
  13. It seems like the Chinese recall for oil dilution is making its' way stateside.

    Again... that's not the point. I'm not telling anyone they should or shouldn't be doing oil analyses. I am however drawing attention to the possibility that Honda may have information in regards to issues with their products that are going unaddressed. What ever you would like to do to combat...
  14. It seems like the Chinese recall for oil dilution is making its' way stateside.

    I don't know much about the Civics recalled in China and what, if anything, differentiates their motors to ours. In theory, though, this should affect us as well.
  15. It seems like the Chinese recall for oil dilution is making its' way stateside. Consumer Reports article detailing numerous complaints with 2017+ CRVs with oil dilution problems and Honda acknowledging the issue. I think the one key take away, for me at least, is that a consumer...
  16. 27WON SI Exhaust, What tips do you want?

    I'm down. End to end solutions can save headaches in the long run.
  17. Driver Information Interface Question

    Accelerator Position/Braking Pressure Meter, and the Turbo Meter are just that... meters. They are a visual reference.
  18. 27WON SI Exhaust, What tips do you want?

    I like the new tip design. It compliments the original in a good way. Though, how doable it will and how close to the drawing it can be will be what I wait for. Thanks Vincent
  19. Si Coupe Subwoofer Install

    Ah, that's why the outputs are stacked. It looked liked the older chassis, so I didn't even consider the V70. Either way, it's only capable of 350w RMS @ 2 ohms on the sub channel. The 700 is including the 4 channel portion.