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  1. Bumper won’t pop back in place.

    I was putting my bumper back on and for some the driver side of the bumper won’t clip onto the driver side headlights.
  2. Where to buy OE or OEM parts?

    My front grille got hit and I’m looking for a place to buy OEM or OE part for it. I have a civic sport sedan 2019
  3. Will this be a problem?

    It came from the front bumper right in front of the passenger side
  4. Will this be a problem?

    So I was taking off my bumper today and I accidentally pulled on it too hard and this tab came off and I was wondering if it’s okay if I leave it alone. If not then anyone got a solution to fix this. My thinking is that I can gorilla glue it back on. But if anyone else got a different solution...
  5. Is this normal?

    So yeah I accidentally reversed into a pole and I was inspecting it and I start pressing onto the back bumper cover and I start hearing squeaking sounds so I was wondering if it was normal. Here’s a video:
  6. Do y’all know how to fix this?

    What do you mean? Do you mean just put some tape and push it in and see then?
  7. Side fender coming off.

    The little fender thingy is popping out. I'm just wondering if anybody knows how to fix this issue? (Yes I know my car is dirty, I'm gonna clean it tomorrow)
  8. Do y’all know how to fix this?

    The little thing is popping off so anybody have a clue on how can I fix that?
  9. Back Bumper

    So today when I was backing in to a garage I accidentally hit into a pole, it was a light tap. There was no obvious damage but when I press into the bumper, you can press into a lot. I don't know how to describe it. Visually nothing seems wrong but whenever I pressed into it hard, you can go...