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  1. Weird electrical issue: Door Open when it's not

    So this started happening a few days ago, but i was sitting at idle waiting in front of someone's house when the car started acting up. the door open alert would show up on the dash, the interior cabin light turned on, and all the doors unlocked. it also happened while driving home. I thought it...
  2. Looking for owner of used 2019 Aegean Blue Type R #30102 sold in Michigan

    Left your drug money stashed inside the car somewhere?
  3. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    I don’t know man. Get some perspective. Covid is still affecting supply chains, people are still sick and dying. Not sure how the east coast is doing with overseas shipments but the port of Long Beach in Southern California is a mess right now. Container ships from China can’t dock to unload...
  4. HELP!! Stock windshield wipers are pure CRAP!!

    had a pair of piaa ones on my scion. the fitment was a bit off. the driver side left end of the blade didn't sit flat. the passenger side right end wouldn't sit flat either and would rattle at freeway speeds. I am intrigued by those spoon ones though lol
  5. Uniden R7 hardwire solution? (2019 CTR)

    I just leave the wires out with no cover. Not elegant but it doesn’t bother me too much.
  6. CTR Limited Edition OEM Carbon pieces

    Interesting. They gonna make the side skirts and front lip in red carbon too?
  7. Uniden R7 hardwire solution? (2019 CTR)

    Pretty sure that wire cover is supposed to be used with the gentex mirror. It’s pointless to have one without that kind of mirror because like you discovered it has nothing to clip into. For tinted windshield look up blendmount on amazon. I have a tint on my windshield and use one to mount my...
  8. CTR Limited Edition OEM Carbon pieces

    any chance you have the oem window visors installed too? Do the b-pillars get in the way of those or do they fit together?
  9. CTR Limited Edition OEM Carbon pieces

    Those carbon b-pillars are an EDM part: 08F30-TEA-600 Tegiwa has the best price as far as I can tell:
  10. Questions About California Laws

    Certainly someone here should be able to recommend a friendly smog station in CA, no?
  11. Air conditioning issues? went out on brand new civic

    had compressor replaced twice. third trip they replaced the evaporator. been going strong since but i don't expect that to last.
  12. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Same. Before with oem bulbs when trying to change lanes no one would ever let me in. With these suckers EVERYONE let’s me in. Even drivers going in the opposite direction 🤣
  13. Type R LE Part Numbers

    bro i swear when i copied your part number and googled it on my phone last night nothing was coming up anyways, thanks for helping me past my inability to copy and paste correctly. 🤣 time for a trip to the dealer
  14. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Loving the flat look. I have the other ones that have a nubbin on the top. These look way cooler
  15. Type R LE Part Numbers

    Your link’s broken.
  16. Type R LE Part Numbers

    That part number yields no results. anyone got the right one? Would like to swap out my chrome one for the one on the LE if it does indeed match the gray on the "Type"
  17. Mods that pass snifter emissions test?

    Would California be that 50th state where it’s not?
  18. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I have a blendmount but ever since I got the legamax there was a rattle at certain rpms. I have a long drive tomorrow with a bunch of errands so I’ll have a good chance to see if it worked.
  19. What did you do to your Type R today?

    added some thin foam tape to my dashcam mount to reduce the odd vibration. Haven't taken her since i did that job, but i'll driving tomorrow hoping it will have fixed that rattling