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  1. Dent above passenger doors, accident or body issue?

    Yes, but some of your pictures have these dents in different places... Today’s cars are made from tinfoil. I noticed a co-worker’s VW CC had dents from his A pillar all the way over that arch to the C pillar in the back. Like someone took a big socket with a lump welded onto it and rolled it...
  2. 2016 rear brakes worn out

    Yeah, I had it in for a regular checkup, so I told them to go ahead and do the brakes. Almost wish I hadn’t! $113ea. For the rotors, and $93 for the pads?!? No problems with the service, but I’ll be complaining to Honda about the parts. No way should the rotors have looked like that this early...
  3. 2016 rear brakes worn out

    Yes, my rear rotors needed resurfacing within the first year of ownership, so this time around the dealer is going to try doing something for me. The rotors are really pitted, though not grooved like some of the pics in this thread, at only 46k kms. They said a full rear brake job of pads and...
  4. Radiator fan only switches on when disconnected?? ‘16 Lxp

    Just have to find where it is. You apply 12v across the small part of the relay and see if you get continuity across the other two connectors on it.
  5. **RECALL FIX - Capless Fuel System**

    That’s interesting. I have a 2016 Touring sedan that lives outside 24/7, and I’ve never seen this issue. My fuel filler door doesn’t look like it fits 100%, either...
  6. Low battery

    Doing that will hurt the battery more after a deep discharge. Jumping or waiting and starting it is good, but if you’re going to do that, drive it for a bit afterwards to put some good charge back into the battery before turning it off again. Your best bet would be putting it on a charger to...
  7. Radiator fan only switches on when disconnected?? ‘16 Lxp

    Switched supplies like that usually give a path to ground. Could be your fan is grounding out somewhere?
  8. Won't start after battery replacement?

    If you can’t find out any information on here or with a regular search on the immobilizer, then it will probably be a dealer thing. Or even a good independent mechanic, if it’s not under warranty.
  9. Dealer forgot to add oil after "oil Change"

    Same thing happened to my grandfather, years ago. He made it halfway home (about 15 minutes country drive) when his engine grenaded. No oil after a dealer change. So stay on them. OTOH, everybody makes mistakes, and you would be surprised how resilient modern oils are. They leave a coating on...
  10. Scraping sound from rear wheels (2017 EX)

    It’s just a bit of surface rust, and your brake pads are probably slightly out of position. So they rub at the one spot the two meet, until the rust gets rubbed away. You should hear my wife’s new Golf when you first drive it! Sounds like the pads are completely gone! After the first year I had...
  11. How screwed am i?

    Yeah, even when I had no money, and a crappy Cavalier, I sprung for fire/theft. Couldn’t afford Collision, though!
  12. Suspect dealer did Oil Dilution TSB against my word - Can I verify?

    The smoking gun is the warm-up time. That’s consistently faster after the flash has been done. But I doubt they’ll put it back. It took two years before my car started displaying some of the symptoms. They’re responsible for repairs under warranty. Why do something that will cost them more...
  13. Windshield washer line

    Ouch. Mine popped off soone after I got the car. They said it was pretty easy to fix. Just ask them. It probably won’t be much. $100-150?
  14. Warranty Extension Notice Letter

    My car was fine through two seasons of driving. Noticed a bit of a gas smell last winter, especially warming up the car using remote start. Fuel smell in the oil, though the level never changed. TSB was done a few months ago at 35k kms.
  15. Pulsating/shaking during very hard braking

    When my ABS kicks in there’s a loud ‘buzzing’ sound and the pedal vibrates like it wants to shake my teeth out! Nothing like a warped rotor pulsation. If it is a warped rotor, you should feel it under mid-speed ‘normal’ braking as well. Do some tests. But emergency braking at highway speeds, the...
  16. Ignition problems:solved.

    Try post #9 on the thread below? Fuse locations are shown on the bottom of the fuse cover...
  17. Is this whine normal? CVT or turbo?

    If anything, it was harder! Think I only heard it but once, WAY quiet in the background...
  18. What did I mess up?

    Tires will sound different over different road surfaces. Drive in a different State, and your tires can sound very different. But your car fell off the jack? How hard? Can you show us a picture of the two bolts and ‘knuckle’ it fell on?
  19. Feeling Clunks in Floor While Driving?

    Weird it’s not better from the factory, and I’d be surprised if the TypeR wasn’t already improved somewhat stock. For $270 per kit, it’ll be a while before I consider those.. ;)