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  1. Blinking Brake Lights Ontario

    It might be, The bulbs on the actual tail lights (not the center brake light) are pretty easy to swap the strobe bulb
  2. Blinking Brake Lights Ontario

    Super easy ..its just replacing the bulbs
  3. Blinking Brake Lights Ontario

    Yea I had tried the I initially but they were out of our bulb size. Well the ones i got instead has given me no problems since I installed em and i believe they were cheaper. So no complaints here :)
  4. Blinking Brake Lights Ontario

    Just look up strobe lights for your bulb size on Ebay...that's where I got mine
  5. Blinking Brake Lights Ontario

    Yup no tickets..I've driving next to so many cops and none pulled me over
  6. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    I was considering an etune, but I haven't seen anyone post solid numbers from this (for a CVT). TBH I really want my car to be pushing ~230-250 hp but I don't want to put more money into it if it's never going to go anywhere being a CVT and all.
  7. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2017 Civic hatchback sport touring CVT Total tuned time: Since summer 2018 to current Total tuned mileage: 60,000+ km Tuning device(s) used: currently using KTuner V2 Tunes used: Stage 2 starter map Fuel used: 93 or 94 whichever is available, rarely use 91 Additional engine mods...
  8. Mods for just a little more power

    I have a prl dp/fp combo catless, greddy exhaust, prl intake with race maf running stage 2 issues for over a year I've been running it.
  9. W1 Turbo on CVT car dyno/test results database

    If you don't mind me asking I'm assuming if I got an etune from drob with the same setup as yours, my numbers will vary?
  10. how to make the horn loud?

    I bought the harness from ijdmToy with the relay think it was like 12 bucks or something
  11. Photos of Touring Amp

    interesting thread, I just tapped into the rear sub for my sub amp and tapped into the FR tweeter output off the stock amp to run my super tweeters running a 2nd amp for them. Also swapped out all door speakers and tweeters.. God I wish the sport touring wasn't so complicated.
  12. Need Advice installing 4channel Amp and Components

    lmao no wonder, I pulled the headunit out and was like wtf...this diagram doesn't match anything!..Literally gave up on the spot and drank a beer
  13. Need Advice installing 4channel Amp and Components

    Is this a connector from the back of the headunit or from the amp?
  14. Need Advice installing 4channel Amp and Components

    Should be , I just wanted them to be louder than stock..but not I have this awesome amp that I have no use for...
  15. Need Advice installing 4channel Amp and Components

    Well that sucks...I think I just might swap the speakers , forget about the amp and call it a day
  16. Need Advice installing 4channel Amp and Components

    Since I'm running component speakers would I use the front/rear mids to connect to the crossovers and disregard the factory tweeter wires? In which there it'll split to my tweeters/mids output?
  17. Things you wish you knew about your car on Day 1?

    that the CVT was a limiting factor when tuning...
  18. WTB: Stock Si Turbo and Si Turbo Inlet Pipe

    :popcorn:..this is interesting
  19. A good wash for foam cannon

    I have an electric one I think it's like 1900psi..but yea don't buy those chemical guys foam cannon..get the Amazon one works excellent in my opinion for far less $