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  1. Sold the R and bought an American muscle car

    Sold my type R October 2020, I miss it from time to time but I don't regret selling it at all. Glad I got to enjoy it for 13 months and lose virtually no money. Next up... that new Z!
  2. Does it seem like there are a lot of short term owners?

    Owned my R for a little over a year before getting rid of it, the fact that I could enjoy it for a year and sell it for almost exactly what I paid for it new was a factor. Although I do miss it from time to time I have no regrets selling it.
  3. 18" wheels w/ all season tires

    Back for my monthly bump
  4. 18" wheels w/ all season tires

    I never drove my FK8 in the snow but I assume these all seasons are a massive improvement over the stock summer continentals in the snow. However, nothing beats a dedicated set of snow tires. These tires were only used on colder days when the stock tires would turn into hockey pucks.
  5. 18" wheels w/ all season tires

    I have four 18" TR Motorsport wheels (32mm offset) wrapped in all season 235/45ZR18 Laufenn tires for sale. Comes with centering rings, lug nuts and center caps. Sold my car months ago, less than 1K miles on this set, no curb rash. Originally paid $1,200. Asking $900. Available for pick up in...
  6. USA-001 Limited Edition CTR raffled to the public (via charitable donation entry)

    It's definitely legit. I even received an email directly from Honda promoting it.
  7. WTB Limited Edition

    I have read of at least one instance of someone buying one of these limited for msrp. I was able to buy my new type r for well under msrp in September 2019 (I have receipts) so I don't think it's impossible 😅
  8. Type R FK8 metal in oil

    If the car is 100% stock and within warranty... it must be covered by Honda unless they can prove negligence on your part or the former owners part. I would be interested in the service records Honda has on the vehicle. As a former dealership mechanic I saw a lot of sleazy ways the dealership...
  9. Next Gen Type R Survey

    I took the survey also, I clicked on "extremely satisfied" when asked about the leather steering wheel. I also clicked on "not satisfied at all" when asked about acceleration, I'm hoping to get a bump in power next gen.
  10. 2022 CIVC live debut

    11th gen looks good to me, I think a lot of the people that are saying they are glad they bought a 10th gen R may reconsider once the next gen Type R hatchback is revealed. We should get improved interior and infotainment, possible bump in power with a much more aggressive look over the civic...
  11. Oil Leaking Everywhere - Disaster!

    I wouldn't want to get stuck with that ticking time bomb...
  12. CTR Pros and Cons... Worth the price?

    Cons: next gen Civics to be revealed November 17th. If I was in the market for a type R, I'd wait and see what the next gen will offer
  13. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Sold my Type R today. It was a fun ride while it lasted. It's been real, I'm out. Mic 🎤 drop.
  14. CTR Pros and Cons... Worth the price?

    There are several reasons but one of the big ones for me is that I've gotten to enjoy the car for over a year now and because I got a good deal on the car and because they hold their value so well I'd be able to sell it for roughly 1K less than what I paid for it new (I've already gotten a few...