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  1. Blizzak WS80 215/55R16 Snow Tires on Moda Rims

    Hey JP, I actually just sold them yesterday locally unfortunately. I lived in Minneapolis for ten years so I do try to make it back as often as I can, though. Highly recommend TireRack. Prices are very fair and customer service was spot on.
  2. FS: Husky Liner Mats & Trunk Tray (Milwaukee Pick Up)

    Hey man, sorry for the delay. I actually met with a buyer around lunch today and he decided to take them.
  3. FS: Husky Liner Mats & Trunk Tray (Milwaukee Pick Up)

    Hey man sorry for the delay. Stopped by USPS and even ground shipping was astronomically high to your zip code- it’s be $75 for both items. Attached the photos for proof (the bottom numbers on both quotes) Total would be about $160 for the mats and shipping. Still significantly cheaper than if...
  4. FS: Husky Liner Mats & Trunk Tray (Milwaukee Pick Up)

    Sounds good. I’m out of town til Tuesday but I’ll get you the numbers early next week. I put it on the calendar to remind me.
  5. FS: Husky Liner Mats & Trunk Tray (Milwaukee Pick Up)

    If you’re cool with paying shipping, I can certainly go see how much it’d cost to ship. What’s your zip code?
  6. FS: Husky Liner Mats & Trunk Tray (Milwaukee Pick Up)

    Hey! They are still available. What’s a good day/time for you, I’d be happy to meet you somewhere in the metro. I’m going out of town Thursday-Monday but I’m free after 5 tonight and tomorrow.
  7. Blizzak WS80 215/55R16 Snow Tires on Moda Rims

    They make a huge difference. They’re loud as heck on dry pavement and you absolutely have to take them off once the temperatures get above 40 regularly (they wear fast otherwise), but I would never do a Midwest winter again without winter tires. The traction gain, ability to drive through...
  8. Blizzak WS80 215/55R16 Snow Tires on Moda Rims

    Hey JP, Thanks for the interest. I’m selling because I traded my Touring Sedan in at lease end and went with a Mazda CX-5 to replace it, so I don’t need the wheels/tires anymore. If you’d like to meet somewhere or stop by to check them out, I’d be more than happy, feel free to message me and...
  9. Blizzak WS80 215/55R16 Snow Tires on Moda Rims

    Tires: Blizzak WS80 Studless Snow Tires Size: 215/55R16 Condition: 2 years old, less than 5K miles driven Rims: 16” Moda MD18 (includes lug nuts) Condition: Like new- one wheel has a couple pebble sized scuffs. Fits*: -Audi A4 (‘02-‘08), Audi A6 (‘01-‘04) -Chevy Volt (‘16-18), HHR (‘06-‘11)...
  10. FS: Husky Liner Mats & Trunk Tray (Milwaukee Pick Up)

    Hey Friends, I made the very difficult decision to sell my 2016 Civic Touring Sedan this weekend for a Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring (needed more space). I am trying to sell my Husky Liners (front and back) as well as trunk liner to make sure my garage doesn’t end up on an episode of Hoarders...
  11. Passenger Side Mirror Meets Garage

    Hey all, Two and a half years of no issues and my dumb self bent the mirror on my garage door frame. Thankfully I heard it and stopped before much damage. It folded backwards, put some hairline cracks in the black plastic (bottom and near blinker light) and left some scuffing (near camera...
  12. 2018 Garmin map update available

    Hey guys, I'm having some trouble here. I've always used a 16GB USB storage device to update my Garmin maps in my 2016 Civic Touring. Now, it's telling me it doesn't have enough space and that I need to use an SD Card. I don't even know where/how you would plug that in to upgrade the maps on...
  13. Do you actually like the OEM wheels?

    The EX-T and Touring wheels look great. The look on every other one is awful. Give me a good old fashioned straight five spoke any day of the week. The torque look didn’t look good on Pontiac once upon a time and they are don’t do Honda any favors on most styles.
  14. Windows constantly fog up on the inside

    Additionally, the windows fog up on this car very easily in the sense that I get a hazy film over the windows constantly after a few weeks of cleaning. I personally believe this to be a result of the plastics gassing. I’ve never seen it so intensely on a car before.
  15. Tail light/spoiler swirls on new civic?

    This used to drive me nuts but that plastic scratches easily. I have swirls all over my red taillights. same story on the plastic cover over the speedometer.
  16. 2018 Sport reliability vs. 2016 initial problems

    The vent thing drives me nuts on my early model 2016. My interior panels make a lot of noise in the cold (they make a creaking sounds when you press on them), but my friend’s 2016 EX-T is solid as a rock so I dunno what gives there. I would expect the droopy vents as I doubt they’ve affected...
  17. Drastic dropoff in MPG in cold weather, rain

    Noticed this myself last winter. I average about 34-36 mpg mixed commuting to work during the warmer months. I was getting 31-32ish last winter just based on cold weather, not inclement conditions.
  18. Rattling Sound

    Sadly, no. They said the sunroof was slightly out of adjustment and they retracked it, but it never stopped it. It’s mostly gone away on its own but it flares up from time to time.
  19. Squeaky springs?

    I will say, they did press on it (the side of the rear bumper by wheel well) and it did make a similar sound. I still don’t know if that’s what it was, honestly. I haven’t heard it in months.
  20. Squeaky springs?

    I have it too on my 16 Touring. It comes and goes and doesn’t always do it. Dealership told me when they heard it once it was the bumper rubbing - too tight. I haven’t heard much of it since then.