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  1. Long absent, time flies.....

    Maybe I should revise my signature. Have this '68 now. When I want to shift, I drive this 4 on-the-floor.
  2. Long absent, time flies.....

    Been forever since I logged in. Almost 5 years, 45,819 miles so far. Keep getting the extended warrantee calls. :mad: Running great, with a few annoying things to whine about: 1. The hanging cigar box third brake light, the prop rod has worked. Is there a kit to convert the center of the...
  3. AZ Members Roll Call

    You dawg! If you want to do track time, I did this with my first MINI Cooper, it was a blast. Good way to use up tires and brakes in a weekend.
  4. 3 things I hate when driving...

    Only 3 things? :confused: 1. LEFT LANE LEMMINGS. They immediately get in the center lane, even when turning right onto a 3 lane highway, and then go at or below posted speed limit. Sometimes there is a pack of them. Many times I just get in the right (outside) lane, even going the speed limit...
  5. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    Having a salesperson hit me up every time I go in for service. :mad: My stealer is always wanting me to prolong my debt. Other than that, my car does not know it lives in Arizona, where almost the whole state does not have to change the clock twice a year, so I have to read the manual twice a...
  6. Will the 2019 Coupe Center Rear Tailight Fit the Sedan?

    I have a '16 Coupe, with the hanging cigar box 3rd brake light, avoid at all costs. I would like to know if anyone made the trunk fake lens workable by adding light bulbs.
  7. Wake the Dragon 2019, Presented by KTuner! (Tail of the Dragon Meet) April 5-7 2019

    When I was on the MINI Cooper forum, this was *the place* to attend.
  8. Engine Shield/Cover Detached?

    I've had issues with this stupid thing since the first snowfall (2016). I know it's thin aluminum to save weight, and to smooth airflow underneath. A few days ago I reversed to park over fresh snowfall, next day I leave and hear grinding, knew exactly what happened. Fixed by driving over plow...
  9. Honda Civic Type R (2017) scale model kit

    Good to see someone else interested! I've used a Paashe H airbrush for about 40 years, never have tried a touch-up spray gun, but some modelers use them. It really depends on the paint too. Will be trying Splash paint, got some for two models recently. I'm not a fan of super shiny paint jobs...
  10. Honda Civic Type R (2017) scale model kit

    Modeler's resin model kit Honda Civic Type R (2017) Since I build models, I try to get a kit of vehicles I've owned, and also what my dad owned. This is a source in Japan, not your average hobby shop. Thinking of how much work it would be to turn into a Coupe.
  11. Civic EX-T vs. MINI Cooper S

    :bump: Anyone else own a MINI before you got a Civic? Been forever since I came here. Then I noticed how many posts I made to this point.
  12. Third brake light cover falling off

    Been forever since I checked in. So it's still an issue October 6, 2018? o_O I still have a kite rod holding it up, don't notice it anymore. Was hoping a cool aftermarket design is available.
  13. Popular Mechanics: From Model T to Model 3: How Driving Changed Over a Century

    I owned a '57 Chevy station wagon. Check out 2016! :headbang: From Model T to Model 3: How Driving Changed Over a Century
  14. Gymkhana Ten

    Reminds me, I need new tires. Took two years, Ken does it in two minutes.
  15. SO - What's the single WORST feature of your Civicx?

    #1 THIRD BRAKE LIGHT It was one of the first topics I started, never fixed, stupid design. #2 The electrical parking brake took all the fun out of motoring, no more rally drifting around corners. #3 The lag of when you start, to when the radio will respond, the warning screen I always ignore...
  16. Economical Exhaust tips

    Been awhile since I checked into this thread. I see ads at the bottom for various Amazon sourced tips. The WHDZ Rear Exhaust Muffler End Tail Pipe Outlet Tips looks bad with the big bolts. But for $37.99....

    I have a pack rat under the hood! :mad: It's chewed up the hood insulation, packing the top of the engine and battery with junk. I'm installing lights, Hampton Bay's LED solar copper string lights in the morning. No garage.
  18. Photographers! Post your civic pictures! Pic Heavy!

    Just some iPhone snapshots under an Arizona sunset.
  19. If you can pick ANY color you want?

    Lamborghini Galardo pearl orange......