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  1. Powder Coating Wheels

    Im getting tired of my graphite TE37sl color. I want to get it powder coated. Bit before I do that, I want your professional opinions about powder coating wheels. Is it true that it will diminished the value of it? Will it become less stronger? Thank You!
  2. Rubbing Issue

    Thats rear by the way.
  3. Rubbing Issue

    This is where it is rubbing.
  4. Rubbing Issue

    I am currently running 18x9.5 +45 TE37SL wrapped in 265/35/18 Michelin PS4 and lowered on Eibach Pro Kit. I am having some rubbing issues (on dips) at the rear. I know that we cannot roll the rear fender as it is plastic. Any recommendation to fix the issue? Thanks!
  5. RV6 x PRL

    Hi team! Noobie question, I have a PRL frontpipe, and a HKS Legamax Exhaust. I was wondering if the RV6 catted downpipe will fit the PRL frontpipe? Its just that I can no longer wait for the next shipment of the PRL downpipe, RV6 is readily available here in Australia. Also, the PRL front pipe...

    THIS IS TRUE! I am not happy with Whiteline. The drop is not even. Im getting Eibach Pro Kit
  7. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    I have the same set up as yours buddy. Same wheels except I have a whiteline springs. Now, I had a wheel alignment done and both front and rear have a very negative camber. I dont want to have a negative camber and hoping for a camber alignment close to factory. If I remove the front pin and get...
  8. PRL Frontpipe fitment.

    Hi team! i am currently running a HKS LegamaxCatback exhaust on my FK8, I am planning to get the PRL downpipe and front pipe. My question is, will it be compatible with my current HKS exhaust? Fitment issues?Is it a direct bolt on? thank you!
  9. Mugen LED Tail Lights

    This is annoying especially for the price that we paid for these tail lights. But yeah, this is normal unfortunately and it will resolve by itself. Pretty much common in cold weather.
  10. HKS Exhaust R&D: Civic Type R FK8

    HKS LEgamax Exhaust compatible with PRL front pipe and DP?
  11. Invidia R400 or HKS Legamax...

    Planning to buy the PRL down pipe and front pipe, is it compatible with the HKS Legamax Premium? No issues with fitment?
  12. PERRIN Intercooler for the Type-R (Test Results Inside)

    Im just gonna return the intercooler and get HKS instead. I want to keep the safety features in our bumpers. I just got this Perrin as it was on a good deal but my first option really was HKS. So I guess this one is goin back to the seller.
  13. PERRIN Intercooler for the Type-R (Test Results Inside)

    And this is the height clearance before it hits the bumper frame. Stock IC in pic for reference.
  14. PERRIN Intercooler for the Type-R (Test Results Inside)

    Top view between the radiator and main bumper frame... will never fit.
  15. PERRIN Intercooler for the Type-R (Test Results Inside)

    these 2 metals are issues... australia spec comes with sensor and stuff as you can see underneath the main bumper brace where it is attached.
  16. PERRIN Intercooler for the Type-R (Test Results Inside)

    Nothing at all... the issue is the height of the core.... bumper metal brace is gettin in d way
  17. PERRIN Intercooler for the Type-R (Test Results Inside)

    Bought this one and it doesn't fit the Australian spec FK8. Unfortunately here in Australia we have a different bumper frame. Wasted my time removing my bumper.
  18. HKS legamax exhaust sound clip

    I got it from prospeed racing bro. They were on sale when i got 'em. Now its back to regular price. Sayang pre.
  19. New HardRace Front Lower Camber Adjusters

    Noobie question guys. I just lowered my ce the right hand front wheel camber was out of spec. or maybe too much camber as manufacturer recommended numbers. Will this product fix the issue? I don't track my car and I just want the camber numbers to be close to the factory settings. I have already...
  20. Side marker tint

    Bought smoked one from ebay. Downside is its not properly sealed. Im just gonna tint my original clear one with smoked.