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  1. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    Lawyers are now involved so can't comment anymore. Turns out theirs quite a few laws that protect consumers here, even from something as crazy as a pandemic.
  2. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    After it sat for quite a long time, I was offered to pick it up. It was the choice of letting it sit there in the open or in my garage. I chose my garage.
  3. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    The Type R front bumper is actually fabricated in Japan. The FK8 stopped being assembled in UK in 2020 (or reduced, with Japan picking up some of the assembly). That's directly from Honda Japan, in September when my dealership stepped in to help after a month of kicking dirt. How much of it is...
  4. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    Might have to do that, if I can get refunded by the insurance. I messaged the insurance to see if it's a viable option.
  5. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    That's what I thought, apparently MD is different than the rest of the US for insurance stuff. I grew up in NY so very weird to me. Since they paid for repairs, they have fulfilled their requirements... Even though the car isn't fixed!
  6. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    Oh yes, i tried to have the insurance pay out on using a aftermarket front bumper. Was a no go. That was my first idea 5 month ago, get a quality aftermarket front bumper.
  7. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    I'm surprised by the immaturity of some, then again after the last 4 years...:rolleyes: I don't need to justify myself, but I put in 15+ hours a day, 6 days a week for 10 years when I opened my manufacturing business. Cost me my social life and my marriage. Now back on topic. As for everyone...
  8. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    Doesn't matter what else I drive. I paid for this car too, someone damaged it, 6 months later I still can't drive it. My other car could be a Prius and it wouldnt change anything.
  9. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    Zero ETA for 6 months with countless inquiries. Same with official retailers that carry real Honda parts. It's always 'its on national back order'. I agree for the insurance, even though they were told by me + the garage that the car is NOT fixed, due to missing parts.
  10. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    I have 2 other cars to get around, which is fine (even though their's nowhere to go with covid). What's frustrating is having a car that's relatively new, and the whole front is damaged and after 6 month still isn't fixed. Her insurance paid out for full repairs (replacement of anything...
  11. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    I'm not a lawyer, but in the US there's a federal law that covers the provenance of parts for 10 years from the date of purchase of a new vehicle. Failure to provide those parts for repairs, compensation is due (often the dealership buys the car back). Personally... i just want my car fixed...
  12. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    To answer a few questions: What have I been driving, 2016 Huracan when the weather was nice, 2020 GLC when the weather sucks. I'm mobile, during immobile times, but doesn't change the fact my car is in the garage gathering dust for 6 months. It sucks. Both insurance basically told me, tough...
  13. Strange noise when decelerating from 4000 to 3500 rpms

    How widespread is that A/C issue? Tons of 10th gen here, and no one had that issue (just checked on our IG group). I also asked our FK8 IG group and no one has any A/C issues (now gear grind... urgh).
  14. Increasing Grip Without Lowering!

    Throw out the garbage continentals and put quality rubber. Boom, all grip issues fixed. 245/30ZR-20 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S are my go too, i run them on the track and road. Car has a lot more HP than stock, no issues (don't run them when it's cold!!!).
  15. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    Rental time has been used up ages ago. The car is drivable after some repairs, but no front bumper so i don't drive it. Not only does it look stupid, it's begging to have components damaged. Her insurance pretty much paid what ever my insurance asked for (which is what the garage asked for full...
  16. Type R Repair, what a dilemma

    About 6 (yes SIX!) months ago, someone hit my 2019 Type R. She basically ignored all traffic signals, ignore me, other cars, and just proceeded in driving right into me (then crying about it... real genius driver there!). Little to say, cops were not impressed with her. Insurance took care of...
  17. 19 CTR Emission and rev match system problem

    Yes. The third time it went in they did a engine harness replacement. Turns out something wasn't plugged back properly. Which triggered the code again (and lingered around even though the warning light went away).
  18. 19 CTR Emission and rev match system problem

    Fixed. One of the connectors wasn't seated properly and apparently the code was also lingering around. After they flushed the code, 5 test drives over the course of 2 days and all fine. Just drove it for 2 days and all fine. Yay!
  19. 19 CTR Emission and rev match system problem

    So the 2 errors went away... Still bringing it in on Monday for them to check things. Very weird...
  20. 19 CTR Emission and rev match system problem

    Exactly why I got them and ran 13k miles with zero issues.