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  1. K20C1 Internals fit K20C2

    You got the wrong car if you want to modify your Civic. Sell it and get an Si you would be SO much happier with it- modding a 2.0 Civic Sport for the purpose of performance is a complete waste of time. You could put $7500 into your Sport and it would still be behind a stock Si as a platform...
  2. Huge oil leakage.

    Call a tow, take it to Honda. When you call the tow make sure to specify that the car is low to the ground and has a lip on the front- they will send you a truck that can handle it.
  3. Sold the R and bought an American muscle car

    Not going to shit on someone else's choice. I appreciate basically all types of car and truck. Enjoy. If you enjoy what the Model 3 Performance does, enjoy and have fun. I would love one as a second car but I could never not have at least one car with an amazing stick.
  4. Excessive Rear Pad Wear

    Said it in another thread but 100% for sure the rear brakes are used heavily by whatever systems the vehicle uses. If the manual doesn't indicate that the manual is wrong.
  5. Will the 2021's be the most collectible

    10-20 years from now, will a sub 1k miles FK8 sell for more than original MSRP? Absolutely. 10+ years from now, will your daily driven FK8 sell for more than MSRP? Not a chance. Will it be a very desirable used car and have a high value compared to other cars? Yep. Will it be one of those cars...
  6. 2018 Type R rear break questions!?

    CTR applies the brakes to the rear wheels during spirited driving/cornering(it will try to spin on you without this). 100% normal for the rears to wear out way sooner than the front if you're driving your CTR the way it's meant to be driven somewhat routinely.
  7. Any reason this wheel size wouldn't work?

    Hey there, Never went with a non factory wheel size before so wanna be sure I'm not missing anything- I wanna do 265/35/18 tires. Or maybe 265/40/18- whichever is closer to stock. I'm not lowering the car. Any reason I can't just buy any wheel I want with a measurement of the following and be...
  8. Can these scratches on the glossy black plastic buff out?

    Any scratch remover does a pretty good job on that. Also PPF makes the glossy black pillars look brand new and stay looking brand new.
  9. Buying a used Type R

    A used CTR would undoubtedly have been driven like a CTR is meant to be driven. That said, the car will last forever even if you beat it up 24/7. Only things to really be worried about are the same stuff you'd be concerned with buying any other used manual- has it been overrevved? How's the...
  10. You've got $50,000. Would you still have purchased a Type R??

    If I already have an FK8 as my only car and I had 50k to spend on a second car- no way in hell I'd get a second Type R, why would I do that? I'd get a car that scratches an itch the Type R doesn't- probably a Miata or an S2000. Or maybe something to use as a beater like a Model 3 and have the...
  11. Cross shopping with Veloster N

    I think you're confusing that those cars at any given speed or corner are MUCH closer to their limits than the CTR is- the CTR is extremely well balanced and planted. The CTR can go a hell of a lot faster around whatever corner you're driving around than those mentioned and you better believe...
  12. Cross shopping with Veloster N

    Without going into much detail, CTR is simply a better car and it's not even remotely close. The difference between the Veloster N and the regular Veloster is very minimal- less than the difference between a stock Civic and an Si. The Type R is a meticulously engineered purpose built device and...
  13. Would you consider a used 32K mile used Type R?

    That's a really good price. No real reason to be concerned with it being used.
  14. Two amazing Acura ITR for sale at same dealership!!

    The current Civic Type R is unquestionably a substantially better car in just about every measurable metric(inevitability of progress and all that) so if I could only have one car that would be a no brainer. That said, the ITR is an absolute legend and I would love to have a clean example one...
  15. Owning a dog and a Type R

    It's a $40,000 car.
  16. Very tempting. Has anyone done this to fix his Type R transmission issue?

    Very few people with the gear grind actually have a real transmission issue of some kind. If it was a real issue Honda would have found it. It's simply the fact that the clutch has to travel substantially farther than the short throw shifter and when you're trying to shift that stick absolutely...
  17. Should I trade my black 2019 type r for a 2021 boost blue

    LE's suspension is different from a normal 2021 you know. Alcantara steering wheel and piped in fake engine noise is a downgrade.
  18. Hypermiling

    This is still the case. When the car is in gear coasting going downhill the fuel injectors turn off completely(this is why mpg goes through the roof). The car at this point is using the rotation of the wheels to turn the transmission which turns the engine(and keeps the engine on and charging...
  19. Rank in order your favorite type r color to the least favorite color

    Championship White Ralleye Red Crystal Black Pearl Boost Blue Sonic Grey Pearl Polished Metal Metallic Aegean Blue Phoenix Yellow
  20. Should I trade my black 2019 type r for a 2021 boost blue

    That's a definite no. It's the same car. If you had a regular Civic or Si then sure but going from R to R of the same gen? Big waste of money. Think of it this way- waiting now will mean you can get the next Gen Type R of any color of your choice sooner.