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  1. What offset should I look for?

    Honestly I googled searched the answer and copied and paste.i was curious to so thought I'd share 👍
  2. What offset should I look for?

    Tramlining is the tendency of a vehicle's wheels to follow the contours in the surface upon which it runs. The term comes from the tendency of a car's wheels to follow the normally recessed rails of street trams, without driver input in the same way that the train does. The same effect is...
  3. DIY: Fog lights with high beam mod

    I sort of have a off topic questiom.i bought a foglight kit my car don't come with it.but would u happen to know why after the install it blew a parking fuse?
  4. Adding fog lights to base model

    Dobu know why my parking fuse went out after the install but still no lighting
  5. Fog lights help

    Whats up everyone inhave question I seen on here before and quote didnt have an answer for it but I have this fog light set up its all plug n play as most of u know that these cars come prewires.but any idea why after plugging everything in the right way blew a parking fuse?
  6. Engine undershield cover

    Is this for the 10th gen sedan?
  7. Aftermarket Fog light issues.

    Did u ever find ur answer why ur fuse poped.mine did the same this
  8. Big wing for Si sedan?

    Its like one of those things when u think sum looks cool until u see and ur like ugggg not what I was looking for
  9. Big wing for Si sedan?

    It is useless to be honestly I kan agree not a racer or enything.i don't care about all that stuff.just want my car to look good for myself.theres only one person in this world thats gunna look at this car everyday and thats me,as long as im impress with am im doing.thats all that really...
  10. Big wing for Si sedan?

    I actually don't sir.i took off the wing for good its setting in my living room collecting dust .i just felt like it was to outta place
  11. Si rear bumper swap possible?

    Did ur wing come that way?red strip on the the side

    How do I get ahold of these badges tho
  13. What Front Splitter is everyone running?

    Top1 does the red striped like t hat
  14. Fog light kit install - warning for Canadian civics

    Same.i just installed mine on my 2019.100% sure its the same
  15. Fog light kit install - warning for Canadian civics

    That black stuff on the connector. Would i half to clean that
  16. Mugen Ventilated Visors

    U know if these will fit the sedan
  17. Photographers! Post your civic pictures! Pic Heavy!

    Where did you get ur grill plus sick ride