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  1. Dr. Paint Chip?

    To all buying new Type R's, take this thread as fact and purchase PPF.
  2. 2021 Civic Type R LE Transit and Dealer spreadsheet

    Exactly!!! Preserve the paint!
  3. 2021 Civic Type R LE Transit and Dealer spreadsheet

    Honda paint is very thin. Be weary!
  4. 2021 Civic Type R LE Transit and Dealer spreadsheet

    My dealer said the same thing and it was here in a week. Congrats and get PPF! Paint is too nice! Protect it!
  5. Carwow - Mat Watson - CTR LE Review - 04/12/2021

    Carwow - Mat Watson Review Hello all! Mat Watson has done a review for the CTR LE. I am posting this for all to see!
  6. Spare Tire for Type R

    Does anyone have a picture of a 20" Type R rim mounted inside with the cover closed? I am going to purchase the kit but want to buy a 20" Type R LE Rim with a new tire and mount it within instead of using the 18" Yellow Spare. Omair
  7. Regamaster 18x10 +50 Fitment

    That's a long time. Matt said he'd be getting a container with my rims within them (Desmond Regamasters 18x10 ET50 - Satin Black) at the end of April. Then when I spoke to him approximately 1 week ago, he said the container was delayed and would be 1.5 months out from the beginning of April so...
  8. BBS Forged Type-R Wheels Quotes!

    Thanks for the info. I was trying to get a lighter wheel set up than the one on my current LE which has the wheels at ~24 lbs and the Cup 2’s at ~22 lbs. Desmond Regamaster 18x10 ET50 Wheels are 18.342 lbs and PS4S will be ~26 lbs. i.e. I am only loosing ~1.6 lbs per corner. This will most...
  9. BBS Forged Type-R Wheels Quotes!

    Anyone know the weight of a LE BBS 20" Forged rim?
  10. Pennsylvania #230 Type-R LE - Dealership

    My friend saw it about 2 weeks ago at New Rochelle Honda. It was still there. Craziest price I heard through some texts was 85k for a GNY dealer. Not sure the dealer but it was like the second or third car sold in the GNY area. I heard through random text messages so don't quote me on this.
  11. Any of you guys own a CTR on Long Island?

    Full car PPF'd (every single painted panel) and then ceramic coated - 8k - Detailing Dynamics in Mineola.
  12. Regamaster 18x10 +50 Fitment

    That’s my point... why not adjust for the hubs? I’m going to ask HRE if they do the same.
  13. Regamaster 18x10 +50 Fitment

    That's super annoying. I was under the impression that these rims were specifically made for FK8 fitment. Why not adjust manufacturing for the specific hub size? I am not a fan of Hubcentric Rings. They either get stuck on spindles and/or get lost during a tire change. I am assuming this is done...
  14. Regamaster 18x10 +50 Fitment

    You needed hubcentric rings for the Regamasters? I just did some online research and the hub size for the Type R is 64.1 mm and the Desmond Regamasters come in 72.6 mm. That is super annoying. I thought that these rims were specifically made for the Type R. Wouldn't they just machine a smaller...
  15. Regamaster 18x10 +50 Fitment

    What lug nuts are people running with the Desmond Regamasters?
  16. 2021 Type R limited edition

    Looks like that happened in transport. I only had 3 miles on mine when I took delivery after PPF.
  17. TypeR factory stereo tech specs

    So in the BMW world, different manufacture/vendors sell direct drop in plug and play speaker swap kits that really enhance the sound. I am hoping someone comes out with something like that.
  18. 2021 Type R limited edition

    I have those too but got the entire car PPF'd. Paint is too nice for stupid rock chips.
  19. Best choice for all weather floor mats?

    I went with OEM too but I wish I had gotten WeatherTech Floor Liner HP's. They seem to go higher around the edges which the OEM liners do have a bit of a lip but it is not enough IMHO.
  20. 2021 Type R limited edition

    Get PPF on that car ASAP. Cup 2's kick up SO MANY ROCKS!