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  1. Varis FK8 Aero Kit Installation Manuals (English Conversion)

    Do you know where I can get more of the varis guide PDFs? I'm looking for the instructions for the rear doors' garnish pieces
  2. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    Nice addition. Might as well change the "LE only" checkbox into a set of color selection dropdown, if you're doing this.
  3. Purchasing a 2021 CTR out of state questions

    I think some people may ask the salesman to do a FaceTime walk around before agreeing to let the car go at the previewed condition. When you ship, the shipping company would do the same and have you sign something. Upon arrival, you inspect.
  4. 2019 CTR CW - $35,000 - 12,500miles !!!!FOR SALE!!!!!

    I'm literally on the same everything as OP, down to the mileage. Got mine January 2019, about 12-13k miles. Except I have full front PPF along with rockers, black PPF roof, and the 2 front doors. Could those be justifications in private sell for possibly higher price? I know people sell cars...
  5. Spotted Yellow Type R

    Before anyone else get jebaited, it's not an LE. Either a repaint or a yellow vinyl wrap.
  6. Purchasing a 2021 CTR out of state questions

    Gonna piggy back off this thread since it got a lot of people. Hope OP don't mind. Anyone (perhaps from TX) traded their car when purchasing their CTR from out of state? Do you still get the tax savings for trading your out of state car to that state's dealership when you register it (on your...
  7. CTR LE #321 has arrived to my store.

    An expensive proposal for the sake of nostalgia lol. Altho yes, that badge number did caught my eye, but not detrimental since the car is so far away from me to begin with. Has to be a reasonable ADM to even interest me.
  8. CTR LE #321 has arrived to my store.

    Unless you're selling at MSRP, it will be snatched? The statement sounds the reverse of what would happen. If it's offered at MSRP, then it will be quickly snatched
  9. CTR LE #321 has arrived to my store.

    I'll take it off your hands this week if MSRP. Feel free to DM me.
  10. Met a wonderful, atypical CTR owner today...

    being in that upper age bracket, what makes you gents and ladies interested in the car? Is it a longing for Honda's DNA that was never been in the US before? Love at first sight? Or general interest in value centric performance cars? Just curious :)
  11. 2021 Type R limited edition

    there's also someone here who posted the part number for the wheels. 42700-TGH-AA2
  12. 2021 Type R limited edition

    So the dealership is letting you keep this one on top of getting a replacement ordered? I'd say that's a win for you because you have a (basically close to) perfect spare now
  13. 2021 Type R limited edition

    damn, hopefully Honda make enough backups on top of 1000 wheels <_<
  14. 2021 Type R limited edition

    mind if we see the scuff? Also what's that dirt by the left side marker? Hopefully it's just dirt. So you're the guy that locked it at Olathe. I called there and was told you got it at MSRP? Hella lucky despite the little delivery issues, which seems like they're taking care of for ya.
  15. 2021 Civic Type R LE Transit and Dealer spreadsheet

    Go for a ceramic tint then. It maintains a mild tint and blocks UV, which is more important in my book. I mean factory spec is literally an aquarium glass. I'm sure the next owner wouldn't care that you decided to tint it, as long as it's not gaudy awful dark
  16. 2021 Civic Type R LE Transit and Dealer spreadsheet

    An enclosed trailer transport would run $2-3k apparently, someone can correct me. And $1k for open trailer. I told myself if i get lucky and found an MSRP deal, I'll splurge the "saving" on a proper transport so i don't have to struggle the drive myself. But now i gotta resort to the latter
  17. 2021 Civic Type R LE Transit and Dealer spreadsheet

    I can only find a uhaul car trailer that I'm probably gonna have to rent for 950 miles trip. I wish there more options (company and trailer style)
  18. friend just paid 60k for a 2021 boost blue type r.

    I assume you mean $47,200. Good buy considering all the others around the nation. Would jump on it if it's not 2000 miles away from Texas 1 way.
  19. Will stock OEM exhaust for FK8 type r fit inside back seat and trunk of FK8?

    Look up the length of the car, divide it by 3/4. As that's about how much length the exhaust is in comparison to the whole car.
  20. 2021 Civic Type R LE Transit and Dealer spreadsheet

    I've locked one deposit 1000 miles from here. Fortunately or unfortunately enough, this one was willing to bargain a little bit. Probably gonna bargain more once the car arrives. Currently it's the cheapest after calling 96 different dealerships. I will probably call on more as I encounter them.