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  1. 2step and anti lag

    two step- RPM limiter at an earlier rpm to help launch the car- not harmfull. Anti-lag- purposely igniting fuel in the exhaust valve to build boost, and a 2 step limiter to launch the car under full power. Built motor required.
  2. Really Torn Between Invidia Q300 Or Milltek Road Plus Exhaust!

    I have the Invidia q300. Its very quiet an sounds perfect. other than the three exhaust tips that rattle.
  3. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    That was the first thing I did was make the throttle positions the same for every mode, I didn't like the different sensitivities...pretty sure I copied sport to comfort and r
  4. Taylors 2020 Type R -573WHP-Motec- G30 Turbo

    Yes its on top of the column, leaving perfect view of the gas level and coolant temp.. it is crazy how fast it adds up :( . A C127 *should* fit, but i was worried about the weight on the plastic cover and the vibrations that might come from it. If doing a full dash replacement, c127 is the way...
  5. Taylors 2020 Type R -573WHP-Motec- G30 Turbo

    A whole month later... well im still waiting for wheels and axles for my drag setup.. I did buy a 20 ft enclosed trailer, a c125 dash and keypad options The dash specs are- C125 with Input/output option 15 button keypad for Boost/ Traction settings, As well as Overrides, c1125 control, AC...
  6. Xtreme-DI EVO fuel upgrade discussion

    Fuel demands lessens yes but the time to inject the fuel shortens drastically at 7k vs 4k. Pressure makes the injector "bigger" and loosing pressure increases injection time. If the injection interfears with the spark event you will incur misfires. I cant explain why the drop on lower power...
  7. North Carolina Full-Race EFR turbo kit-3999

    3999 shipped! Full Race EFR Kit! EFR 7163 0 miles on the turbo, bnib Intercooler pipe/clamps/coupler downpipe and clamp intake system Wastegate bracketry and adapter arms Coolant hoses/fittings/heat shield oil feed/drain Upgraded coolant hoses from what full-race supplies. Includes both...
  8. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    290whp over stock surly cant be good long term, i wont be surprised it it let go during a pull. I plan on building it before it happends so it doesn't take the block/crank and maybe the head out with it.
  9. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Car made 452 on pump gas 24 psi, 573 whp on 32-33 psi peak with E85R Sunoco fuel. To keep a rod friendly flat torque curve of 440tq, we implemented artificial boost creep
  10. Xtreme-DI EVO fuel upgrade discussion

    Pressure drop with a pump that's not maxing out is a pid control issue, a software issue. The hondata checked box mod for xdi applies a single preset adjustment and changing the hole size will need to make adjustments to the control loop settings but we can't. The bigger question is whether...
  11. **The Official FK8 Aftermarket Turbo Solutions and Technical Discussion Thread**

    the g30 770 .83 spools at 4000-4100 to 25 psi on my car, so not bad. going to be an exciting time for oem ecu guys.
  12. Xtreme-DI EVO fuel upgrade discussion

    People have been telling me that but my car has had ethanol in it for about a year. It also made 573whp with the stock intank on e73.. Stock intank is fine for 99% of people on gas/ethanol fuel. Ive seen too many aem, areomotive, dw pumps fail to put those in my car unless i absolutely have...
  13. Xtreme-DI EVO fuel upgrade discussion

    a bolt on solution would surly sell i believe
  14. Cost to maintain CTR

    tires and rear brake pads seem to be the big ones.
  15. Xtreme-DI EVO fuel upgrade discussion

    q16 to showcase the maximum power, but he does realize that is a unrealistic fuel for the average user so they're working on getting back to the dyno with pump gas and blended ethanol tunes.. Working with the new rampage maf housing now too. I do not know the duty or how much room they had...
  16. Xtreme-DI EVO fuel upgrade discussion

    drilling.. stock line will still support good amount of power. carlos made 590 on the drilled line and xdi pump/hondata injectors