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  1. HKS Short Ram Intake

    @artofattack has it.
  2. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Installed my HPS CAI that I got on a Black Friday sale.
  3. Best tire for 18x8.5 35et

    If you’re going to re-use the stock continentals, I don’t agree with what you say. Their sidewall is rounded compared to other brands like Federal, Yokohama, etc. It’s best to use at least 245 tire width for an 8.5 inch wide rim.
  4. Very disappointed in Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3+

    This is what Costco recommended me to fill my tires with.
  5. Will these lug nuts fit my 2020 honda civic ex?

    Most aftermarket rims uses conical/acorn lug nuts as using the OEM lug nuts will not properly seat in and will damage the rim.
  6. Very disappointed in Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3+

    I have it on my hatch using 245/40/18. No problems with grip. Only downside that I have is less gas mileage from the stock continentals which is true since it’s a UHP AS tire.
  7. 2019 Civic Sport Wheels

    The one’s from the Si are Enkei and the one’s from the sport hatch and sedan is just stamped Honda made in Thailand.
  8. First Mod??

    If it’s your parents car and they’ve given you consent on what parts you can install, then go ahead. Make sure that you just don’t go over the top and make sure it’s still okay with them when they drive it. A simple drop-in filter and some headlight bulb upgrade (if halogen) with interior LED...
  9. Hub centric ring

    I used plastic before but switched to alloy.
  10. 2017 Civic Si - Xmas Ideas?

    I would just get him a PRL stage 1 intake with that budget.
  11. Next modification for 10th Gen SI

    Get a Ktuner.
  12. Chemical Guys product issues???

    @NomaR-06 yoi’re better off with the Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions ceramic product.
  13. Is a PRL Cobra CAI worth it?

    Get a CAI to have better power and throttle response compared to the stage 1 intake.
  14. Eibach Pro-Plus Springs and fitment

    @bbeem 8.5 width
  15. Eibach Pro-Plus Springs and fitment

    My wheels have an offset of +44mm. Would even look better if I used 37 or 38mm offset. Springs are Eibach Prokit.
  16. Benefits for 10th gen Civics with decreased unsprung weight?

    A lighter set of wheels will definitely help with acceleration, handling, and MPG (if you’ll use grand touring tires).
  17. Dealer tech lied about performing tire rotation

    I would definitely avoid that dealership in the future. I had an incident with Burns Honda at Marlton, NJ where the tech over tightened my lugnuts to 110 lbs. The Costco tech needed to snap one of the studs because it wouldn’t come loose. I already marked the Honda tech who did that to my...
  18. 18x8.5 +35 OR +42?

    It depends on the brand of the tire since different manufacturers have different side wall shape. But a 255 for a 9.5 will definitely be fine and not be overstretched compared to a 245.
  19. 18x8.5 +35 OR +42?

    You need to get 255 for a 9.5 width rim.
  20. 255 or 245

    245/40/18. Wheel spec 18x8.5 +44mm offset with 5mm wheel spacer. Should have used a 35 series profile for the tires instead.