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  1. Fluid on bottom of transmission

    You ever get this resolved?
  2. Randomly Blown Bottom End

    My eyes rolled out of my head when I read the title of this thread.
  3. Randomly Blown Bottom End

    You ever try that line at a bar? You must be a devil with the ladies, my friend :p
  4. Lane assist

    Yeah, that's definitely not related to the 10th gen Civic this forum is based on. Is that a diesel?
  5. Any options for a TALLER shifter?

    The threads are deeper.
  6. Today's the day

    Damn, sorry to hear that. Going to be tough to go back to a Corolla.
  7. R.I.P ygrette/mimi (10/26/16-1/21/21).

    Got the same plate frame :cool:
  8. R.I.P ygrette/mimi (10/26/16-1/21/21).

    What problems? I winded up with a CRV EX-L hybrid. It's not exactly fun to drive but I like it.
  9. R.I.P ygrette/mimi (10/26/16-1/21/21).

    I was forced into buying 3/4 of my last cars. It's the worst. It got thirsty during a hurricane.
  10. R.I.P ygrette/mimi (10/26/16-1/21/21).

    Oof. That looks like it made a hell of a bang. Welcome to the "used to have a 10th gen Civic" club.
  11. Scotty Kilmer on oil dilution

    Just my $0.02, Scotty really does make it seem like the sky is falling when it comes to the Honda 1.5T. There are tons of these cars sold and driven yet the road isn't littered with dead Civics as one would be lead to believe would happen if you take Scotty's word for it. He constantly warns...
  12. 21' Type R - AC Freon Leak.

    Did you happen to find drugs in your new Type R?
  13. Protection against Car Jacking

    Figured the car hackers would have better taste.
  14. Pennsylvania OEM Si Suspension, Climate Control with fan speed knob, JL C2-350x Center Channel speaker, Shift knobs and more

    No longer own a Civic and these are some of the parts I have laying around. Would much prefer to sell locally (Philadelphia area) but will ship (lower 48) if necessary. Price includes shipping. Allow up to 7 days for shipping. 1. OEM Si suspension (all 4 dampers/springs) 4k miles - $400. Will...
  15. "Upgraded" Climate Control Install

    I have one of the climate control units with the fan speed knob for sale if anyone feels like shooting me an offer.
  16. Said good bye to my Si today...

    Haha, maybe his area is nothing like Philly. I see those wheels on everything around here lol
  17. Si Coupe Headliner/sunroof ticking

    OOF...This is one of the things about my Si that drove me nuts. The endless rattles, especially in the cold weather. I, too, experienced the moon roof rattles. It's just the life of a Honda owner lol