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  1. Just came in today new Type R boot spoiler?!......

    It's an Ikon (type a? I think) spoiler I got from ebay. It's designed for a sedan/coupe, but it fits pretty good on top of the hatch spoiler. I also have my current one, which is similar but different. It's also from ebay. I wrapped it silver...
  2. Virginia $325 Hondata FlashPro

    I'll take it!
  3. Huge oil leakage.

    This is exactly why I wanted you to jack up the car and inspect it yourself. You could've easily noticed a missing drain plug. Why ask for advice and then not listen!?!? :dunno: Now you have no clue what happened, and the dealer documented it was just a missing washer?! #Lies
  4. Muffler delete or exhaust?

    I've done muffler delete, resonator delete, and muffler+resonator delete. None of them produced crackles and pops. I ended up settling on the resonator delete with stock muffler. Sounds the best out of the 3.
  5. Huge oil leakage.

    An oil shower should be pretty easy to spot where the leak is. As suggested, perhaps the drain plug fell out, or the filter is leaking (or missing!). Pour in some more oil and quickly get under the car to inspect where it comes from. Obviously, jack it up first and remove the metal splash...
  6. 1.5T Cherry bomb ,low cost better sound

    Interesting. I never heard what you described, it sounded good throughout the entire range. However, I do have an update. I removed my cherry bomb and put the stock muffler back on! Then I removed the resonator with a straight pipe. After listening to all the exhaust vids, I decided to do a...
  7. DIY refrigerant recharge experiences

    I know you didn't ask me, but I recharged around the same time as @Shtumpa early last summer and it's still blowing cold this spring. 🙌
  8. Manual vs CVT just a humble opinion...

    Amen, brotha. Same boat. The one positive side for me is that the Sport has paddles that make the CVT bearable. Just barely!!!!
  9. Traded in the Si for a new GTI

    Congrats! Looks sweet. That color is a trip. My buddy has a new GTI and he let me drive it. I had a blast!! It was just as fun, if not more fun than my civic hatch sport. It certainly helped that his was a 6MT and mine is not. Take care!
  10. 21 Hatch touring sport spoiler?

    Caruse V2. Also, you should definitely check out this thread.
  11. Civic Type R 1/4 mile times

    So the goal of this "bracket racing" is to guess what you're going to run?? Reminds me of that radar speed pitch game that used to be popular at amusement parks. Throw 2 pitches and then guess what you'll throw on the third. Kinda strange to me. I always went to the track to improve my...
  12. Debating Aftermarket Wing (NOT Type R)

    I saw you over on reddit, and I know you're looking for a GT wing.... But have you considered the Caruse V2?
  13. When was the last time you saw another Civic Type R on the road...?

    I live in the Ohio sticks, kinda close to you. I do drive to Dayton/Columbus/Cincy sometimes. I've only seen 1 CTR in the wild (it was last year). One! That's exactly how many Veloster N's I've seen also. I'm lucky to see an Si a few times a month.
  14. Stock wheels are the best

    Not sure about the R, but as far as non R trims go, I think the Si stock wheels are the nicest looking 18” wheels on the planet.
  15. All warning lights on

    You got 4 years out of yours? Might be a record. I got less than 2 on mine. I ended up purchasing a 5 year battery so I won't be stranded 50 miles from my house least until 2025.
  16. My horn BLOWS!

    Is that sarcasm? If not, I'll take that bet!!! 🤑
  17. Help me pick a rim color 😳

    Another vote for bronze. Just find some bronze paint if you have to touch up some rash.
  18. Advan R6 wheels mounted!

    Those are some spiffy 15" rims you got there! Do you really like them more than the NSX wheels?
  19. Went to stealership today

    Get your free oil change or whatever, and GTFO of there. Never go back. Time to start doing your own maintenance.
  20. 10th Gen Si Coupe Front Lip/Splitter

    I got this and I love it. It's a nice subtle addition to the front...not obnoxiously large like some of the other lip splitters available out there. Price is right too. Easy install to boot...