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  1. Any past hondas anyone's had?! Would love to see them

    Wish you could have both? I went from an EA-T ('86 Si hatch) to an EP3 (avatar pic) and thought that it was a big jump into modernity. Now I'm in an FK7 (wife vetoed the FK8 plans) and it feels like a spaceship.
  2. Civic Sport Hatch Autox in HS?

    Off the top of my head, that sounds like Street Mod. You might be able to run a few events in Novice if you're new and your region has the class available, which is fine if you're not planning on chasing points.
  3. Any past hondas anyone's had?! Would love to see them

    I really don't know which car I like better...
  4. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    The ONLY reason I want to keep getting built-in nav is for those outlier insances when I'm out of cell range. It's happened to me just once so far, driving a rental from Seattle to the Washington coast and not paying for the rental company's GPS unit. My phone was able to store all the route...
  5. Official CRYSTAL BLACK PEARL Civic Thread

    Would it help to use an app that'll shoot RAW? Or maybe the phone's HDR function, too? I'll try messing around with mine later if I think about it. I've only bothered taking pictures of my FK and my EP, and they're both black, so I know your pain.
  6. Official CRYSTAL BLACK PEARL Civic Thread

    I think it looks pretty good with a little color adjustment: macOS Preview: iOS Photos:
  7. ABS, VSA, and Power Steering lights on Sheesh, what a hassle. Glad I got a hatchback (not included in this bulletin).
  8. Snow tires? or high performance all-seasons?

    We've got winter wheels for my car, and she already prefers to have me drive my car if the weather's really bad. The wheels paid for themselves when we drove at the leading edge of a winter storm all the way form Wisconsin to Maryland.
  9. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Switch the gas cover back to white. Looks like you took it off a black Civic from a junkyard. Otherwise the car looks fine.
  10. Snow tires? or high performance all-seasons?

    Until I convince my wife to let me buy a second set of wheels for her CR-V, I'd be willing to get an A/W tire like those. We still have the choice to drive my Civic with snow tires, but it's not AWD. (but we haven't been forced to drive in conditions that would require AWD, either)
  11. Snow tires? or high performance all-seasons?

    The "All-Weather" category seems new to me. Looks like it would be good enough for my local weather. As hard as these guys worked to make this video, I also want to see one filmed in a facility that can set up scenarios like 90-degree corners, sweeping suburban curves, highway ramps, and stuff...
  12. Snow tires? or high performance all-seasons?

    Reading the owner reviews on Tire Rack, it sounds like the possible drawback is tread life. But we drive so little anyway (even without covid) that we'd still get several years out of them, at least.
  13. Snow tires? or high performance all-seasons?

    Adding on -- That new (to me) CrossClimate looks very interesting. Biggest change since the Blizzak, IMO. I've got half a mind to get them for my wife's CR-V since she doesn't want a second set of wheels.
  14. How to Repair scratch on touchscreen?

    I was going to guess maybe Plast-X, but this Ice Creme might be worth a try (I'm having second thoughts; keep reading). The catch, though, is that the Ice Creme will try polish it mirror-smooth, but the original finish is matte. It'll look 100% worse if you don't go all-out and polish the...
  15. Snow tires? or high performance all-seasons?

    Haven't even read the thread yet and I'm going to tell you to get snow tires. My preference now: Two sets of wheels. One with snow tires that I can swap on when it gets cold, and the other with good all-season or summer tires for when it gets warm again. Both sets also need to have good wet...
  16. #YouOnHereBro ? Burned-out FK7 hatch spotted.

    Elkridge area in Maryland. Feel sorry for their loss.
  17. Hidden Features/Quirks you did not know about the Honda 2017 Civic

    Or keeping your foot on the brake while you put the car into Park and engage the parking brake also keeps the car from bouncing off the parking pawl. Every car I've ever driven works the same way.
  18. Post Your Aftermarket Wheel/Tire setup on Stock Suspension

    They sure ain't Civic wheels. I say it counts.
  19. Widest tire on stock 18s?

    By "filling out the wheel well", you're talking about tire width, right? Because going with a larger-circumference tire will start to mess with your speedometer. If I went with 16" wheels for more comfort, I'd get 16x7.5 (widest that Tire Rack lists, and their recommendations are safe) and use...