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  1. Abs dynamics type R spoiler installation in NJ or Philadelphia

    if you feel uneasy about installing it there's a good body shop in linden vilar auto body ask for pedro he does amazing work he painted my parts on my 8th gen great work
  2. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    we aint got no radio shacks in my area they all closed i can at least order one thru crutchfield
  3. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2017 Civic Sport hatch Total tuned time: 0 months Total tuned mileage: 0 miles Tuning device(s) used: None at the moment Tunes used: None Additional engine mods: PRL stage 1 intake and breather hose Problems/issues: none i wish the head unit had a cd player built into it Driving...
  4. General G-MAX AS-05 - Initial impression

    im looking to get those once i get my aftermarket wheels i rocked hankook's when i had my 8th gen good tire but one rear tire would lose air i have lauffen's which is owned by hankook on my sport hatch currently not great either a month into having the car I already replaced a tire due to a...
  5. who does photography on here??

    I been doing photography for 10 years now. I been shooting with nikon since day one with 4 different cameras a d3000. 3100, 7100 and a d750 . I have shot for various sites such as i love driving slow, anything cars, nj tuners, happy stance and two publications unique magazine from italy and...
  6. How has COVID-19 affected your life so far..

    i have worked throughout this being i cook at a nursing facility. my grandmother is in a different nursing home. she tested positive for covid-19 the day before her 99th bday shes doing a bit better for a while she wasnt eating there. i just been strong but just burned out.
  7. Finally starting my FK7 Build!

    fast of west chester has some amazing builds
  8. start of a new build stormtrooper X

    i lost my poor 2010 EX due to an error busted my oil pan and ripped my timing chain I was trying to get the motor part replaced but insurance totaled it out due to high mileage which was at 177K so got a check cut and bought a 2017 sport hatch my old 8th gen which woulda been paid off this...
  9. Jersey Civic Meet 8/16/20 open to all gens

    moved to August 16th due to rainy weather tomorrow
  10. Jersey Civic Meet 8/16/20 open to all gens

    check the first post time has changed
  11. Any good tuner shops in NJ area

    mp built in woodbridge call ahead though he's usually busy
  12. Jersey Civic Meet 8/16/20 open to all gens

    100 IKEA Drive Paramus,NJ 4-7pm
  13. Anybody running this spoiler on their FK7?

    looks like the spoon one but half the price
  14. Hawks Nest Quarantine cruise June 7th

    June 7th meetup at cheesequake rest stop off the GSP at 9am. leaving at 9:30 for Port Jervis.NY we will cruise the backroads in Sussex County. Once arriving in Port Jervis,cruise take pics only up to 25 cars put your name on the list in comments. If you're north you can meet us in port jervis...
  15. Stormtrooper FK7

    Stormtrooper FK7

  16. Wake the Dragon 2020 - Event & Registration Information **New dates Aug 21-23**

    i wanna go but hopefully next year im heading to sema in november
  17. New guy from CNJ

    whats up guys im chris from cnj. Im new to the tenth gen game but not new to the civic game. I previously had a 8th gen FA1 for almost 6 years.till I had a incident a few weeks ago my car was declared a total loss. so I picked up a 2017 civic sport hatchback a few days ago I also do photography...