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  1. Road surface or tire noise.

    What did the dealer say about the problems you had?
  2. Tire Cupping at 19,000?

    The accident took place at 8500. Not a wreck. Minimal frame damage. Struts were replaced on that side. Left side is the loud side, as per dealership. dent
  3. Tire Cupping at 19,000?

    Hi all - 2016 Civic EX driver here. I've had all the proper oil changes (2 from dealer, 1 from local chain auto care store). It was in an accident on the right side (hit curb, 2 tire blowouts on right side). After the most recent oil change, the car (which already slightly loud) got...
  4. Default Audio(Radio) Display

    Hi all - happy to say I just purchased a 2016 Civic EX. What a great car! I'm working on customizing everything to my liking and had a question for you all. I was hoping to change the default radio display from Example 1 to Example 2. Is that possible in this skin setting? Thanks! Ex 1: Ex...