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  1. Accidentally shifted from S to N (EX-T CVT)

    Your car's fine. There is a rev limiter on it. Also it's not like you neutral dropped it for a burn out.
  2. oil change every 6,000 miles???

    My oil was expected to go until 12,000 miles for each oil change. I drive 100 miles a day for work and 95% of that is on an interstate. I went ahead and did at 10,000 miles. Maybe you hit the 1 year mark on the oil?
  3. Possible blown head gasket

    I also call BS!!!!! The oil didn't look any different from the first oil change to the second. I hope you got that in writing.......
  4. Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve?

    Just did my second oil change. I read that these can go too far in the oil pan and cause the oil not to fully drain. I can confirm that I still needed to do the full 3.7 quarts with the oil filter change.
  5. This makes no sense.....

    38 MPG I assume How fast were you going? I can get all the way up to 54 MPG if I'm on a non hilly road and going 45 mph now on my work commute I get 42 MPG going between 68 - 71 MPH So if you were going any faster I can see where you would get 38/35 MPG. Also a head wind really hurts MPGs City...
  6. Fumoto Valve for Oil Drain Pan

    I have the generic one, EZ-106. I have only done a oil change on the car, so I can't talk about flow rate, but it hasn't leaked any and was easy to install.
  7. TPMS + ABS + Brake system + ACC freak out?

    i've had it happen three timed in the 12,000 miles on my hatchback..........if you turn off the car and start it again it works.....I assume that whatever program handles it has a critical error and crashes
  8. Anyone From Wisconsin Out There?

    wow..............wonder what the added accessories are The Honda website only has $2,400 that you can add to the car.....
  9. Broke the 50 mpg ceiling!

    nice job. On my 50 mile commute in hilly South West Wisconsin, I've tested different speeds and mpgs 74 mph = 38 mpgs 40.5 minute travel time 70/71 = 41 mpgs 43 min 65 = 46 mpgs 46 min 60 = 52 mpgs 50 minute travel time so depending on how quick i need to get to/from work...
  10. Anyone From Wisconsin Out There?

    SW Wisconsin here. Only dealer I've talked to is Richardson's in Dubuque IA...they don't think that they will get one this year. I assume Zimbrick's in Madison will get a couple, and they are good about not adding adm
  11. Who has the highest odometer reading on 1.5t Civic?

    Bought on March 2nd 2017 and little over 8,500 miles my MM is calculated to go between 12,000 and 13,000 before going off. I will just change it every 10,000 miles instead
  12. A Turbo Upgrade Has Come Out in China -- Over 300 HP with Other Mods

    yeah...i was looking at what the torque would be..........also wondering what it would be with the 320hp tune Also the amount of hp doesn't matter for the CVT as much as the amount of torque
  13. Oil change question...

    My mileage is at 8k and at 40% on MM. I should get over 12k miles before it gets to 0%, but will change at 10K miles. My commute is almost all highway. I only have 3 stop signs on my route to get out of town and by then my oil is at operating temp.
  14. Service A12

    Was the MM reset after the last oil change? The car doesn't now when the oil is changed.
  15. 3 way coolant joint recall

    Looks like it would be a 5 minute job. Did it take them long?
  16. Hatchback rear wiper delete

    I've thought about doing this and settled on ignoring the wiper that is there. Rain-X does an amazing job since i don't have stop n go traffic on my commute.
  17. Infotainment System Crapped Out

    Glad they got it fixed. As far as that gift card, need a trunk liner, window guards, mud guards, etc Or if you can diy get oil and filters.
  18. Anyone receive a consumer survey?

    i got an email survey from both honda and the dealership