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  1. Xtreme-DI EVO fuel upgrade discussion

    I guess that's sort of exactly what I'm getting at- it's not matched to the drilled out fuel line OR the OEM line as it comes from the factory. I mean, someone above claimed that the owner of XDI drilled a stock line to match the pump, so by deduction the OEM line isn't matched either.
  2. Xtreme-DI EVO fuel upgrade discussion

    This is the kind of feedback I'm interested in hearing about. So, the XDI pump by itself is, what, dangerous, problematic, inconsistent? What is the potential downside to the pump as a standalone replacement with the stock fuel line, without drilling or modifying in any way? I think for many...
  3. I couldn't resist a little rice!☺️

    This thread is making my head hurt. Did no one else notice this confusion? WTF is happening here?
  4. Titan7 T-S5 (18x9.5 +45) vs Titan7 T-S5 Stig JDM (18x10.7 +55)

    If you're lowered, your first priority should be to correct the alignment with parts like the rear toe and camber arms. After that, you could pull the guide pins at the front for a bit more negative camber, and go from there. In my opinion, you've already committed to increased NVH by adding...
  5. Titan7 T-S5 (18x9.5 +45) vs Titan7 T-S5 Stig JDM (18x10.7 +55)

    Huh? Double wishbone suspension doesn't exist on the CTR. I'm assuming you're attempting to reference the dual axis design on the Type R. If you need more information on it, then check this link...
  6. Can’t catch a break. Another car hit my car for a second time.

    I would be sure to have the insurance adjuster allot for a suspension check/alignment. If it was hit hard enough to move the car from a lateral impact, then I would definitely want both sides checked out- especially if it sandwiched the wheels between car and curb.
  7. Titan7 T-S5 (18x9.5 +45) vs Titan7 T-S5 Stig JDM (18x10.7 +55)

    I meant the front compliance mounts/bushings. I remember seeing a member of one of the Type R groups with the bushings basically squeezing through the mounts and tearing out. He does track his car, so I know that it's under more duress than the average street driver. As for the front sway...
  8. Clunking noise front driver

    My immediate go-to would be the caliper. I would check to make sure that the two bolts connecting it to the hub are properly tightened.
  9. Titan7 T-S5 (18x9.5 +45) vs Titan7 T-S5 Stig JDM (18x10.7 +55)

    No prob. I can make a couple of extra suggestions to you, based on what you listed above. I would skip the front sway bar, for sure. You won't need it. I have also heard of people seeing tearing/dismount of the Whiteline spherical bushings. Not sure if this has been addressed, as of this...
  10. Titan7 T-S5 (18x9.5 +45) vs Titan7 T-S5 Stig JDM (18x10.7 +55)

    If you aren't tracking the car, you should absolutely not use the Stig version. I say this because it's NOT a setup that you just mount to the car and roll away. I have the Stig wheels for track purposes, and I'm getting ready to add wheel spacers and pound out the wheel studs to accommodate...
  11. Ticking/clicking sound

    No prob. I have both a 1.5T and 2.0T, and they both are noisy. My Type R sounds like some kind of oversized time bomb... which given what I have done to it and use it for, it probably is. 🙃
  12. Ticking/clicking sound

    Yes, it's called a direct injection engine.
  13. Maryland DELETE

    Switching to a different platform/car?
  14. Type R Fuel Line Diameter

    That's exactly why I'm checking this out now, prior to receiving the pump over the next few weeks. Lead time seems to be extending out now, as we get closer to spring. I'll let you know how it works out.
  15. Type R Fuel Line Diameter

    Thank you, sir! Interested to attempt to bend it with a handheld fuel/brake line bender, but it's a small piece, and I wasn't entirely sure of the diameter requirement for the tool.
  16. Desmond Regamaster - Unofficial Picture Thread

    I've never been a huge fan of 5-spoke, but I've always really liked the Regamaster design, even from back in the day. 👍
  17. Type R Fuel Line Diameter

    Reaching out for info on fuel line diameter for part #4 referenced below. We're in the middle of a 10+ inch snow event, so I can't say I'm anxious to go outside and start digging through snow to take parts off the car. 🙃 If anyone has a solid answer, please let me know!
  18. Xtreme-DI EVO fuel upgrade discussion

    That's awesome! Any concerns with flow/bottlenecking?
  19. Xtreme-DI EVO fuel upgrade discussion

    I'm really interested to know if you altered the fuel line. Did you just add the XDI pump with the flex fuel kit? My goal is to run in the e40 range at the track this year, with a very similar power output and curve setup. That's all I really want, the ability to actually make use of the flex...