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  1. Huge oil leakage.

    Yeah, that's the dealer that fucked me every single time. Do not. You don't have to go back to your original dealer.
  2. Huge oil leakage.

    Unfortunately all the dealers around us are the same. They've damaged my wheels, tried charging me $250 for an alignment claiming we have some super adjustable suspension after I tried to get in on an alignment sale, forgot some splash pan screws which resulted in my splash pan falling off and...
  3. Huge oil leakage.

    Not everybody has jacks and jackstands at home, and this car is a particular bitch to get jacked up and get the splash pan out before you can see the oil plug and filter. Holy shit. What an absolute fucking moron. He could've detonated your engine right then and there. But yeah, 'missing...
  4. Huge oil leakage.

    Yeah, that thread turned into a thread for the wiki, basically. It's still there. Things started changing too fast (pricing etc) for me to keep up so I moved all the technical info to my wiki and didn't ever finish the parts section. I still have a domain,, I plan on using eventually...
  5. Huge oil leakage.

    Pretty much guaranteed your oil plug or filter fell out if there's that much oil raining down to the point of being empty. The only alternative is there's a hole in your block or oil pan and I doubt that since you were still driving when it happened. Count your lucky stars you were close to home...
  6. XDI Pump Issues

    Upload some datalogs and I'll take a look. Email it to [email protected], upload it at, or zip it up and upload it here.
  7. Intercooler success! Decat...not a success, manifold stud sheared.

    Happens to the best of us, unfortunately. It's one of the biggest pains. However, you can get away with simply removing the hot side housing instead of the whole turbo. paging @fatherpain (I think it was you who managed to do that ye?)
  8. Soft Footwell?

    oh, good, I'm not the only one lmao
  9. Emissions/auto rev/ honda sensing w catted dp and ktuner

    No prob. Let us know what you find so future people can have a solution!
  10. Long beep

    It usually happens when you key on after a certain time period of not driving, but to my knowledge you’re hearing the relay to the in tank fuel pump. High pitched whining noise. It’s loud on purpose so if someone is working on the engine they know it’s actively trying to pressurize the fuel...
  11. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Yeah, throwing some rods and pistons in myself. Also wanted to learn more about the process for the R and every little hose, wire, and bracket on there. Might do a clutch too.
  12. Emissions/auto rev/ honda sensing w catted dp and ktuner

    Check the harnesses to your O2 sensors on the downpipe. It’s complaining about the voltage.
  13. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Pulled the brand new K20C1 out of my new 2021. 20 miles on the clock, yolo.
  14. JB4 PiggyBack Tune on Civic Type R

    Read the thread. It doesn't work right on our ECUs and it can't.
  15. Excessive Rear Pad Wear

    Oh, right. It’s the front wheels. My B. The rear pads are smaller though so less material to go through.
  16. Tire change Fail.

    I had a dealer use a flathead to pry the old weights off, gouging my wheel barrels to hell. And they left a screw off the splash pan after an oil change which resulted in it falling off and being destroyed. And they tried scamming me saying the Type R has a more adjustable suspension so it...
  17. Excessive Rear Pad Wear

    The Type R has a feature called agile handling assist which activates the rear brakes to help you corner at high speed. I went through two sets of rear pads and one set of front pads in 25k miles with nothing but sporty street driving.
  18. Brake squeal while NOT using the brakes

    It’s a rock in the brake shield. Happens to almost every R owner sooner or later. It behaves exactly as you describe.
  19. Flex Fuel Basemap Selection

    10whp is a pretty normal deviation on dynos for this car. You could see that from one day to the next. I assume you didn't add ethanol when you dyno'd 320?
  20. Flex Fuel Basemap Selection

    Sorry, I forgot about it needing to be 93. You’ll want the rev 1, the second one you originally posted.