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  1. Aftermarket Exterior Cosmetic Suggestions/Reviews

    Ah, thanks for the offer but that's a bit steep for me. Your price is totally reasonable for an OEM painted good, but I'm going to cut it up anyways so I'll probably go for the $90 one from RockAuto.
  2. Aftermarket Exterior Cosmetic Suggestions/Reviews

    Hey, haven't been on much so didn't see this. How much are you asking for the hood? I'd prefer a black hood buy I can always wrap it. Also, I hope you aren't referring to the warped hood in the picture haha.
  3. Add Paddle Shifters to 2016 Honda Civic EX-T Sedan

    I'm not sure it will work. The issue is that our non-paddled cars have L on the shifter whereas the sports do not. I'm not sure how the TCU handles that. The previous guy had ordered a specially reprogrammed TCU that had support for both L AND paddles, but he seems to have disappeared. That...
  4. Where is the engine coolant drain bolt?!

    To all future people: I finally found the elusive coolant drain bolt, once thought to be a thing of legend. #14 on the diagram. Now to find an appropriate sized crush washer.
  5. Where is the engine coolant drain bolt?!

    I've looked there but haven't been able to find anything that looks conclusively like the picture. I'm a little wary of unbolting without knowing for sure it's the right one. A picture if anyone know exactly would be great!
  6. Where is the engine coolant drain bolt?!

    I've been going crazy the past couple days trying to do the simple task of a complete coolant change on my 2016 1.5T sedan. I nearly boiled my coolant the last track day and thus need to replace it. I found the petcock and was able to drain the radiator, but for the life of me I can't fine the...
  7. Aftermarket Exterior Cosmetic Suggestions/Reviews

    I need a new hood and bumper cover too for my '16 touring, but luckily for different reasons (I want to cut em up with holes/vents for track day cooling). And I'm also from Houston! Though I live in Austin now. Where did you get yours?
  8. Speed Bleeders for base front calipers

    I'll take em! What would be the shipping to Austin, TX?
  9. Looking for stock calaytic Converter 1.5L

    I have one to sell, I am in TX but I actually might be driving to LA later this month.
  10. 2018 civic ext 3” straightpipe before and after!

    Sorry to revive a dead thread, but where did you get your flange to mount the 3" pipe to the front pipe? I'm currently running the RV6 DP/FP and a muffler delete, but I also want to go 3" straight pipe. The exhaust shop I went to said I'd need to find the flange to connect the two
  11. Broken/unplugged harness?

    Ooo I didn't even think of that. Might be, I'll see if I can find it.
  12. Broken/unplugged harness?

    Hey all, a few months ago had my trunk and entire rear end serviced due to someone ramming into me from behind at a red light. :/ Glad the car was not totalled and no one was hurt. Looking in the trunk today, I saw this cable hanging down from the trunk lid. No idea where it might go, I've taken...
  13. Convert non paddle version to paddle shift?

    Still no luck? @lucashend or I would gladly take that TCM off your hands to try it out if it's just sitting there wasting away
  14. Super aggressive fitment question

    Haha that's what I expected but had to try in case anyone had luck. Maybe if I rolled the fenders?
  15. Super aggressive fitment question

    So I found a crazy deal on some wheels that are 18x10.5 et22 coming in at only 19 lbs. I really want to run them, but guys think theres any way they'll fit? I'm running Megan racing springs (about 1" drop) and have 20mm spacers all around. 2016 Touring Sedan btw.
  16. [Re-title] The neurotic decision making of a 1st time UHP Summer Tire Buyer

    Move to Texas and run UHP Summers all year round
  17. Avoiding Heat Soak

    I should clarify that the IATs are hitting 40 deg C in normal 30mph driving as well, on hot Texas days for sure but still. My Rv6 DP is ceramic coated. I'm just curious why the temps are so much higher vs the stock airbox, thought the CAI would have the obvious advantage when moving.
  18. Avoiding Heat Soak

    Ah, that's kind of what I was thinking of doing, but unfortunately that's exactly where my Honda sensing unit is. :/ Yeah, I know there's not much to do when stopped but my IAT keeps going up even when driving through the city at 30 mph. I'm a little disappointed that the IATs were better stock...
  19. Avoiding Heat Soak

    Hey guys, I recently installed the 27WON CAI on my 16 touring sedan and in daily driving, I've noticed my IAT creeping well over 105 degree F in 70 degree weather. I'm also running the RV6 catted DP/FP and the KTuner stage 2 base tune. Before the intake, I was never seeing IATs this high and...
  20. [Re-title] The neurotic decision making of a 1st time UHP Summer Tire Buyer

    I've got 235/45/17 Bridgestone RE71Rs on my stock touring rims. I do autoX, so it's not an ideal tire for dailying since you'll wear it down in <10K miles, but man does it stick! 1.3Gs lateral. But to answer, you can def throw 235s on the stock rim.