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  1. Type R Sub Replacement

    Both channels go into the amp, the amp sums the signals as I'm running it bridged.
  2. Type R Sub Replacement

    I tried both, initially off the sub signal in the rear and then off the front left/right coming out of the amp in the kick panel. Sound was significantly better using the front speakers as the source. The factory cutoff for the sub is far too low. In addition, look into Hondahack and...
  3. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Little tip for those of you removing the front pipe to change the RMM. The hole in the subframe that the bolt passes through is slotted, you don't have to remove the bolt all the way to get the mount out.
  4. **The Official FK8 Aftermarket Turbo Solutions and Technical Discussion Thread**

    I'm waiting for my RS550 and XDI pump and I also run an RV6 catted DP. I was hoping for 500whp, which seems reasonable based on your numbers. I also run flex-fuel though, so I'm curious if that changes the fact that the DP is the limitation.
  5. Innovatig ???

    I have an inlet pipe on order from them. Seemed like a good option priced between the PRL and Rampage offerings.
  6. Any past hondas anyone's had?! Would love to see them

    '09 Si - Previously owned, sold when I got the CTR. '19 Civic Type R - My current pride and joy, FBO+flexfuel '06 S2000 - Current summer "beater", all stock except coilovers and custom interior '10 Element - Current winter "beater"
  7. Electronic Wastegate Actuator Question

    This is perfect, thanks. I guess I got close enough with mine that it was in this range, as I haven't had any issues. Sounds like this can get really messed up and I got lucky, so this info is awesome if I need to adjust in the future. Will be installing an RS550 here in a month so it just...
  8. **The Official FK8 Aftermarket Turbo Solutions and Technical Discussion Thread**

    I had already planned to pick up a fuel pump and have you do the tune, but this deal was too sweet to pass up. Last RS550 snagged by me, look forward to getting these installed and tuned.
  9. So, how many of you stored the Type R for the winter?

    Thanks, I'm definitely happy with how it turned out. It's a 2010 so it has the facelift front end which isn't nearly as common. I also custom built the retrofit headlights and I had the grill painted PMM instead of factory silver. Here's a pic when I got it back in October.
  10. So, how many of you stored the Type R for the winter?

    CTR and S2000 both tucked away until spring. Picked up another Honda to drive during the winter.
  11. Remus Exhaust: Detailed Review

    Any chance you fixed this? I know it's been awhile, but this is still driving me crazy. Exhaust sounds amazing but I still feel like something might be rattling as described, mainly because the exact sound occurs with the valve fully open or fully closed. Next time it's in the air, I'm going...
  12. Xtreme-DI EVO fuel upgrade discussion

    Can't wait to see what results people get with this pump. I'm currently FBO + flex fuel and honestly didn't feel like I gained much from FBO versus just the flex fuel as I quickly maxed out the available fuel. Definitely plan on picking up a pump here soon to hopefully take advantage of the...
  13. Dynoing the FK8

    Just keep driving. I've had to reset it several times and it hasn't been consistent with how long it takes.
  14. KZCMC + CDV Delete still grind?

    I thought about doing both of these mods, it kinds sucks to see your saying your still getting grinds. Would you still recommend doing them?
  15. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    After I picked mine up, I stopped to fill up the gas tank. Afterwards, the car didn't start, acted like the battery was completely dead. Popped the hood and found that the tech had left the ground wire loose on what I assume is the battery monitor. It's a Y off of the main battery ground and...
  16. Anyone with a cool side by side pic of their Honda and something else interesting?

    Both? lol Honestly, I'd love a new one but I'll be able to afford an old one long before that, so I guess it depends on how impatient I am and what I see for sale.
  17. Anyone with a cool side by side pic of their Honda and something else interesting?

    That seems to be the question everyone asks, and they are both a blast to drive. With that said, they are both very different experiences. The S2K is very raw (maybe not as raw as an AP1, but still) and has that go-cart feel. It's fun to wring out and it's quick but not that fast, but it...