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  1. 15% Pre-Order Sale- Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

    Also interested in if there was a possibility of a matte carbon fiber version.
  2. 1.5T Tranny fluid change?

    No, the oil drain plug is a 14mm washer. The transmission level check plug is a 6mm washer. It looks like it's part 90442-R7G-000
  3. 1.5T Tranny fluid change?

    It's a plug on the front of the transmission. Not only is it kind of a pain to get to, but it has its own special crush washer that needs replacement if you pull it. Most of the people here have just drained and filled with 2 quarts and ignored it. A few ounces over on MTF probably isn't going...
  4. Let's Talk Tires - UHP Edition

    I've heard the rubber compound/construction technique is shared with the A/S 3+/4, so if that's true they are a great value. Seems like the performance differences would be down to the tread design, but it does seem to give meaningful improvements to the A/S 3+/4 in the instrumented testing I've...
  5. 1.5T Tranny fluid change?

    WHOAH THERE the manual transmission is 1.9L/2.0Qt. No flush is necessary, remove the fill plug, remove the drain plug, let it drain real good, then reinstall the drain plug and pour two quarts in. If you are extra paranoid you can check the fill level hole, but for me (being thorough about...
  6. Lowering springs

    If you want handling, 1000% go for the Swifts. They ride very well for how stiff they are, because ride quality is a function of stiffness and spring quality. The swifts do not drop as much as they claim. I didn't see a full inch on any corner. But the drop was very consistent in equalizing the...
  7. 4th gear is no more 😬

    Oh, man you didn't even HPD 4th gear it? :(
  8. Let's Talk Tires - UHP Edition

    From my research, it would seem the Pilot Sport A/S 4 is largely just a snow traction improvement, and doesn't really move the needle for performance driving in dry or wet. This might mean if someone has priorities that align with performance driving and A/S3+ is on discount, it could be a...
  9. Lowering springs

    Swift Spec-R Sport Springs.
  10. ACT Clutch + Lightweight Flywheel Unboxing & Review

    It's definitely not for a lack of trying or insufficient bleeding - I probably left out 4 or 5 bleedings in the timeline. It goes to show how difficult it can be to bleed a clutch line. I've even flipped the slave cylinder upside down and held the piston in to make the bleeder valve the...
  11. ACT Clutch + Lightweight Flywheel Unboxing & Review

    It's a whole saga, starting with installing the clutch leaving the OEM line unaltered - I had a weird incident going WOT on a freeway onramp that left my clutch spongy. I figured it was time to swap in the sirimoto, but it didn't fit adjustment-wise. I swapped the OEM pushrod onto the...
  12. ACT Clutch + Lightweight Flywheel Unboxing & Review

    I'm on 10,000 miles with mine with no issues (with the clutch kit directly). Still trying to work out my hydraulic clutch line issues, but it's almost fixed up.
  13. Dorman clutch slave cylinder possible answer for CDV

    How'd the install go?
  14. Rattling sound coming from exhaust? Underneath car

    You might want to lift up the rear end and check all the connection points on the exahaust pieces to see if any of them have started to loosen - a loose connection might rattle sometimes and cause an exhaust leak which might explain less burbling. Also if you've re-used the factory exhaust...
  15. Amplifying stock speakers

    DSP is Digital Signal Processing - Essentially Honda has an algorithm that changes the frequency response and equalization on every speaker in the car. This accomplishes multiple things: It functions as the crossover, so it cuts off low frequencies from the tweeters and high frequencies from...
  16. Amplifying stock speakers

    I found the factory tweeters shrill and harsh, even with multiple attempts to tune the sound. Some Alpine 1" silk domes sound far, far smoother and more listenable. Overall replacing all the speakers I can listen to music much more loudly without fatigue or harshness and no audible signs of amp...
  17. Amplifying stock speakers

    The stock amp provides around 25-30WPC RMS at 1% THD, and the 45WPC rating is at 10% THD. It's adequate for the speakers but lacking for the sub. The real issue with the factory amplification in the Si/upgraded stereo is the factory amp applies DSP to every channel, so even if you install your...
  18. Nevada #173 Limited Edition at Honda West, Las Vegas

    That's abso-fing-lutely unacceptable.
  19. 4th gear is no more 😬

    But how?
  20. 4th gear is no more 😬

    Did you rip it on the lower control arm? When I pulled my axles off I accidentally popped one of the CV joints out, stretching the boot. I was lucky it didn't tear, and dropping it end first on the ground a couple times popped it back in.