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  1. Bay Area body shop recommendation

    I dealt with Omar.
  2. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    At some point, we had at least one of each color.
  3. Bay Area body shop recommendation

    I had my Type R repaired at Fix Auto in Santa Clara. I am very happy with their service and quality of work.
  4. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    What an amazing turnout tonight! We had all the colors AND a limited edition! Great seeing everyone this evening & thank you for coming out!
  5. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    Oh fooor sure I'll be there!
  6. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    Both times it's happened to me, I was at half a tank or less and accelerating out of a corner. Engine goes to limp mode and you'll see a mismatch warning. CEL comes on. Restart does not clear the fault but filling the tank does. It's a 2018-2020 thing. What it feels like is acceleration pushes...
  7. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    On a more serious note, I just read the NHTSA report and there is no solution yet and definitely not worth calling your dealer. The expanded recall does cover my 2018-2020-which I'm actually glad since the whole sloshing thing is something I've experienced a couple of times.
  8. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    We could hang out and talk fuel pumps!
  9. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Bay Area Amusements/Planetary Pinball for parts. I used to have several pinball machines. Two of which needed extensive work. I was able to find parts there and several other places. It's pretty fun to get a machine put back together and to play it. One of my friends got me into it and he's...
  10. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    The cops have some kind of relationship with the organizers from what I've heard and they've always emphasized being cool. 5-O would patrol the lot from a distance and were generally pretty cool as long as people weren't stupid.
  11. Intentionally Pig Parking Beside Me?

    I usually back into the stall and put the passenger side more toward the line. This means you're parked at a slight angle. Problem solved. I have a truck as well. It's got sliders on it-I don't usually get door dings although many have hit the sliders with their own doors...
  12. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    I did go check to see what time 99 Chicken closed. 2230 on both Friday and Saturday night. The Honey Chicken was great!
  13. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    Good times! Great to see everyone. Even the Subaru guys :)
  14. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    I'm down.
  15. Almost bought a type R LE... Almost

    Buying a car for its potential value is a tough gamble. Take the Bullitt Mustang-the original sold for around $3M last time it sold. Will the 2020 sell for that? Or even 2x MSRP? Probably not-but how much will it be worth? Hard to say what the LE will be worth next year, 5 years, or even 10...
  16. Almost bought a type R LE... Almost

    I’m not sure an offer to sell accessories has anything to do with installation. All I’m saying is that Honda sent advertising offering the carbon scoop and wing insert. Those were not previously available as far as I know.
  17. Almost bought a type R LE... Almost

    I received an offer from Honda for purchasing these parts. Who knew?
  18. Emission Time! Need help to pass.

    This probably isn't the right place for this but I thought you'd get a kick out of the latest edition of Fifth Gear. Two of the show's hosts go to South Korea to see why the Koreans have come so far in so little time building cars. They even went to talk with a tuner who does a lot of...
  19. Emission Time! Need help to pass.

    It's usually only about 50 or so miles. At least in CA, it is. Mostly so you don't reset it, inspect, pass, and 100 miles down the road, it comes back on :)
  20. Emission Time! Need help to pass.

    In California, there’s a visual inspection as well as exhaust gas measurements and ECU connections. You must pass all three. If you don’t, you may be sent to a referee. Technically, it is against the law to modify the emissions system. Finding someone to overlook parts of the inspection is...