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  1. LTW Project - warning ugly car inside

    Thanks! Was hoping they were 40lbs+. May be removing them for some test and tuning times. Trying to get to a specific power-to-weight ratio for drag racing testing. Thanks!
  2. 3 inch Injen Catback Exhaust - Weight Diameter

    Minor update! I am at a shop now to have this exhaust installed back on. The Injen exhaust flange is being modified to fit the AFE front pipe that I currently have installed. Will see how it goes.
  3. 1.5T Fuel upgrades needed to push higher power on non-Si

    Should simply be able to swap in an Si Ecu as well. This is interesting!
  4. 27won turbo vs stock turbo 0-60 & 1/4

    I agree with you on the lowend torque and Non-Si connecting rods. Pretty confident on that one. My setup is more of an anomaly. An outcast of sorts. I wouldn't compare my stock turbo to your 27Won turbo setup (Because of the other stuff I have, like the lightweight wheels/tires). What...
  5. Cheapest place to buy a si turbo?

    I can confidently say that the answer is no. If I were to dyno, it'd probably be somewhere in the 235whp-255whp range on IMW's dyno. Who knows!? I hate guesstimates. My setup is not what you are looking for if you want to achieve 300 ponies though. An aftermarket turbo setup (Like a 27Won...
  6. Cheapest place to buy a si turbo?

    I am going to be completely honest with you here. Your stock turbo is best for autox and CVT (My opinion of course). Work on your driving skills (Most important), good brakes, tires and suspension and you will be an autox king.
  7. Cheapest place to buy a si turbo?

    Unfortunately, I couldn't measure the power on a dyno (No paddle shifters) but my 1/4 mile times dropped and trap speeds did increase. This was with no change in my tune or modifications. Just had the turbo installed, drove and tested. My 60ft times never got worse either so no measurable...
  8. 1.5T Those with big turbo upgrades...

    Here's a friend of his that is using a TD04 he stated in this thread ---> HERE
  9. Nitrous

    Yes, any more updates? I notice you don't have a bottle warmer either.
  10. Honda Civic Type R vs Toyota Yaris GR

    No tuner here in the U.S. can tune the Yaris (or Corolla for that matter). Even if it did hit the U.S. OrangeVirusTuning I doubt it. R9K would probably be able to modify their wide open throttle air/fuel ratios and ignition timing but that's about it.
  11. 1.5T Those with big turbo upgrades...

    Nice hybrid mash-up. :headbang:
  12. aggressive Dual 21 Ktuner without forced knock control rise

    Good point! However, just saying what they are seeing is one thing. They should record it. Datalog what they are seeing and post up. Do a datalog with artificial knock disabled and then again when it is enabled and post the datalogs. Then what they are seeing can't be denied. I'd never...
  13. Myxal SRI-CAI -Short Ram-Cold Air Intake

    I am in agreement with you. It makes no sense. It is what it is though. That's why I love testing stuff and just putting it out there. So perhaps someone smarter (And that's a LOT of people 😂 ) than me can explain it. Did want to show people that you can have your SRI (Short Ram...
  14. aggressive Dual 21 Ktuner without forced knock control rise

    It's amazing to see that as the thread gets longer, this very quote gets totally ignored. 🤣
  15. Tuned Stock Turbo Full Potential - MAX

    Yes, it is. It's a start! FBO would be even better. That kind of torque at 2800rpm is awesome. That's the kind of torque most people could use all day, everyday......even while casually cruising.
  16. Tuned Stock Turbo Full Potential - MAX

    If you were Ososik, MaPerformance or PRL Motorsports with drag slicks at the track, yes. You notice the vast majority of people that usually talk about getting a bigger turbo get it to protect their CVT and/or to protect their 'stock' connecting rods. Very few upgrade their internals AND get a...
  17. Tuned Stock Turbo Full Potential - MAX

    Is there anyone on this forum that have had a tuner tune their stock Si or Non-Si turbo to its full potential? I'm talking about unleashing all the stock turbo's lowend, midrange and topend. Everything that it is capable of. Not having a tuner kill the lowend horsepower/torque for the...
  18. Myxal Ram-Air Intake

    Went out on my lunch break and got a silicone piece. It's the right size but the length is too short. I put it on so u can see what it would look like (it's raining out). Will pick up a longer piece next week.