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  1. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FK8 Civic Type R. Available now!

    What is the weight of track edition versus touring. How much lighter its the track edition straight pipe versus touring muffler section?
  2. Red Vinyl Wrap that matches the Type R Rallye Red?

    Anyone know of any colors??? Wanted to revive this thread. Just tested some vvivid racing red and was too light. , both photos have the same piece just different lighting. Going to try 3m dark red and 3m flame red to see if it will match closer.
  3. Will stock OEM exhaust for FK8 type r fit inside back seat and trunk of FK8?

    It might fit, my friend actually helped drive my OEM exhaust to my house, and he drove it in a Highlander, maybe the highlander is a little bit bigger but it fit with no issues, just got a little bit close to front windshield. Forsure you can fit it with trunk slightly opened and tied down...
  4. Comparison 2020 Type R front grill to 2017-2019

    Did you use the old grille extensions with the new 2020 grille? These are the black plastic right above the headlights. Was wondering If I would need to buy the 2020 grille extensions or If I oculd keep my 2019.
  5. NEW! Strut Brace By PERRIN

    Maybe a stupid question, but is this brace mainly loaded in compression most of the time, so chassis bends with sides going up and center moving down (CCU) under high loads?
  6. List of supported Bolt-ons for Hondata

    Holy crap!! You have the most professional and organized tuning site and service I have ever seen. I would never have thought there are tuners out there that care about their business like you do. Well done!!!
  7. List of supported Bolt-ons for Hondata

    thank you for all the advice, I appreciate it man. Aren't you the guy that tunes in Orlando??? Do you do remote tunes?
  8. List of supported Bolt-ons for Hondata

    Thank you for that screenshot, thats what I was looking for. And I am looking for power, but I wanted to do something more gradual. I understand completely what you mean, but I am one of those people that get tired of the power at hand, so I wanted to gradually step it up over the next couple...
  9. List of supported Bolt-ons for Hondata

    Thanks for quick reply. My setup will first be 93/PRL HVI/catback, then will add PRL IC w/ charge pipes, and lastly will add PRL catted dp and get a custom tune right after I install it. I was just curious to all the available options out there. I know forsure hondata would support these common...
  10. List of supported Bolt-ons for Hondata

    I am having a hard time trying to find some sort of list of all the supported bolt-ons that hondata supports. Or the list of combinations that they have set, For example "93/PRL HVI/Catback" would be one, or just to list all the intakes, exhausts, intercoolers, downpipes that hondata supports. I...
  11. Does the CTR have Turbo cool down when car is off?

    True, but I tried to make sense of it using heat capacity because we have no idea the surface areas involved here. If we had a theoretical liquid that has a high heat capacity, then it would take a lot more energy to raise that liquid by a degree versus a liquid with lower heat capacity. So if...
  12. Does the CTR have Turbo cool down when car is off?

    Some points no one took into account here: Your turbo heats up, but its also attached to other parts of the car, the exhaust manifold also help extract heat from turbo as well as your downpipe, any parts that are attached to the turbo help to dissipate heat. They act as heat sinks. So even...
  13. Infotainment Failure

    Try this also: Unplug phone from car, remove/forget vehicle from car play list in iphone settings. Restart iphone. Then Restart head unit, hold power button until its asks you to reset. Then wait for this to finish, turn car off for like 30 seconds then turn back on. Wait 30 seconds after you...
  14. Infotainment Failure

    Same for me, This thing happens where its working fine, I got to fill up gas and then when I turn car back on Carplay freaks out and goes black. Then when I disconnect cable, it still shows car play is connected. I do a simple restart and fixes issue. But its consistent when I get out of car for...
  15. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FK8 Civic Type R. Available now!

    I have the same thing on pretty much every place where there is a clamp, mines probably much worse than yours, I have like 9k miles on the exhaust though. Its somewhat of a leak but its negligible. When it rains or when there is condensation inside of exhaust, it mixes with carbon deposits and...
  16. HKS and K&N Oil filter Visual Comparison

    You have any pics of what the magnet picks up, I'm curious as to how much it actually collects. Also how hard do you drive and how many miles?
  17. Should new rotor looks yellowish?

    Maybe one of the rotors had no factory oil coating on them and started to rust on surface and other rotor has the oil to prevent the rust...
  18. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Upgraded my Sub. Alpine SWR-8D4 (wired in parallel, 2 ohm load) Rockford Fosgate R2-500X1 Audio Control LC2i (located under passenger seat)
  19. combining 3 signals into 1 to get full range for aftermarket sub

    thanks for help, I saw the accubass article but not the others, thank you for providing this. Only asking about fronts cause multiple people said thats the way to go, idk whats the right way for this, thats where my whole confusion is stemming from.
  20. Combining 3 signals into 1 to get full range for aftermarket sub

    Thank you for the help in understanding better, I now understand that the gains control the inputs and not the outputs, before I thought the gain controls the output level of the signal when it is actually controlling how much to amplify the input signals and if they are different then I may be...