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  1. Where to buy civic hatch 2020 touring Engine and side panel cover

    I was eyeing those as well, but I was also thinking if these would mess up anything (specially the engine cover). I mean an old car of mine came with engine covers stock and it is in the same car that I remember seeing the temperature gauge rise higher than the normal operating temperature when...
  2. Civic Sport Hatch Steering

    I haven't noticed noise on the Civic but let me check the next time I drive. I encountered something that maybe similar on my first car a long time ago (1993 Corolla GLI) -some ticking sound when the wheel is cut all the way and moving. If memory serves me right, the mechanic told me that it was...
  3. Civic Sport Hatch Steering

    Stock hatch here for around 2 years now with almost daily highway drive to and from work, and I don't encounter any issue keeping in lane (usually around 160-170kph and some section may be free enough to do 180 depending on the time). On the occasional spirited driving, 200kph still is fine...
  4. What did you name your car?

    Wow, am I the only one naming the vehicles (I own or owned) with ruffian/prisoner-sounding names? Cars: Bogard, Bogard Jr, Bogard the third Fortuner: Dagul Motorcycles: Tulume, Tulume dos
  5. Imagine your car was ...... Stolen!

    +1 I have one too but I only use it as a key storage when I am in the house. When I am in the office, I doubt that anyone will follow me there to spoof(?)/repeat all the way from the parking.
  6. Almost bought a type R LE... Almost

    $51k? You guys are lucky - the 1.5t hatch here costs over $41k. I don't think I'd mind getting the normal Type R instead for $51k if only they sell it here :p I can only hope that by the time my current hatch is 5-6 years old, they would be selling Type R here.
  7. Do you drive with no place to go?

    Yes, but not as much as I ride with no particular reason.
  8. Best Cost-Effective Hatchback Mods?

    1) Tint - this is on top of my list. helps with the temperature and privacy 2) Scuff guard and kick guard - i can't count how many times my shoes touch the door when i am exiting the car 3) mats that are made specifically for the model. the universal ones will slide around 4) pedal cover -...
  9. Should I trade in CVT Civic EX 2016 2.0L for Acura RSX Type-S 2006?

    I have learned the hard way, but keeping and maintaining an old car can be more trouble than it is worth. And this RSX is 14 years old already. So unless you want to start replacing parts only to find another one that needs replacing soon after, then my advice is no.

    Thanks for the warning dude. I know that after doing one thing so many times (in this case oil change), people can tend to be relaxed and miss checking/noticing the red flags. At least this will serve as a reminder to the forum members who are changing the oil themselves.
  11. Well...... hmm.......... this is a first I've seen on a 10th gen....

    Good catch man - that definitely looks like the sticker-type scuff guard :)
  12. Well...... hmm.......... this is a first I've seen on a 10th gen....

    I was thinking the same when I saw the pics above just now :p
  13. Fake Vent Coverup

    I agree with you here. I feel that filling in the fake vents will give the Civic HB more of a Prius look .... just my 2 cents.
  14. Are you still happy with your Civic?

    Happy with my hatchback - I was planning to sell after it reaches 5-6 years and get a new car, but I have a feeling that I might get attached to it in the same fashion as my old cars and end up bill after bill of repairs (and a very low resale value due to old car-age)
  15. Is the power on the 10th gen Civic SI enough?

    You might want to specify what kind of power and performance is acceptable to you (acceleration, top speed, etc.) so that the SI owners can pitch in on whether the SI is capable of it. I know HP isn't everything but to give an example, there is about a hundred horses difference betweem the STI...
  16. Fuel pump recall issued for 2018-2019 Civic Hatchbacks and Type R

    This is strange - the roadshow website said 2018-2019 Honda Civic Hatchback. But following the Honda recall link ( and putting in 2019 Civic Hatchback does not show anything ....
  17. What color is your Civic and if you had to get something else, what would it be?

    Modern steel metallic here with black modulo skirts/chin. I was originally considering black with orange modulo but when me and my wife saw the metallic steel, we just had to take it. After seeing the black/orange in person afterwards - i don't like it anymore. my second choice is now rallye...
  18. Where do you store your pistol?

    Don't need firearms when I'm rockin' these guns 💪:cool:
  19. What is more reliable for the long term 2.0L vs 1.5L Turbo

    I like my 1.5t, but i too believe that 2.0 will win for long term reliability. The less complexity you introduce, the less chance of something breaking eventually. Then again, if reliability will be my main criteria for a car, then I'll probably go for Corollas.
  20. Do you Name your Civic or cars?

    Me and my best buddy do for our cars and motorcycles - but we give them tough manly ruffian names. I would probably refrain from listing those names down as my colleagues will know that this is me. :p