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  1. Up to 20% Pre-Order Sale | Head Lights & Tail Lights

    hmmm ima need to change from "YES" Demon eyes to "NO" since it's illegal to have red lights on my car, damn ah well. thanks for confirming they don't turn off :)
  2. Up to 20% Pre-Order Sale | Head Lights & Tail Lights

    Order #6178 LET'S GOOOO got my demon eye's :headbang:let's get that 20%
  3. ABS Dynamics Side Skirts Review

    Agreed with the mounting, stupid thin tabs that have snapped on mine, used genuine 3M tape and no issues for a year now
  4. CO Section!!

    awesome! hope to see you around :D
  5. CO Section!!

    if you haven't already join X-GEN Colorado on Facebook, they do meets on the regular and are fun to meet and go on cruises with.
  6. Help with Resistor for LED Turn Signals

    bought LED turn signals from and bought a plug and play load resistor from a YouTuber called DiyCarModz , stopped my Hyperflashing, its been over a year now and the load resistors are still good. edit: i am clueless about your question but if you dont wanna splice into your...
  7. 2018 Civic Hatchback SPORT front lip replacement

    nice! looks like the plain abs one right? they only carry the carbon fiber style one now which kinda sucks, i wanted to go the cheaper route lol
  8. 2018 Civic Hatchback SPORT front lip replacement

    i went with the ABS Dynamics Type r front lip $299 and + $60 shipping it replaces the lower mesh grill and lower bottom lip/plate
  9. Hatchback Duckbill Spolier

    I bought this one came painted glossy black
  10. 2020 LX Hatchback fog light install?

    nope mine is a 2017, i believe the 2020+ came with the new faux vents, but i could definitely switch mine out to the new ones if i wanted.
  11. 2020 LX Hatchback fog light install?

    I have a 17 LX, you should check if your car is pre wired for foglights( it should be) I went OEM Foglight kit, came with the new faux vents and wire harness's , turn signal+light switch combo. you will NEED to take your front bumper off. edit: their should be a brown plug behind your...
  12. Comprehensive Hatch Spoiler List

    nice can't wait to see it installed!
  13. Comprehensive Hatch Spoiler List

    hopped on ebay and found this, anyone got this?
  14. Remove the back Honda emblem

    I went the Type R badges route, just muscled the old ones off. I than use my vinyl cutter to make a perfect overlay base layer and than found an image of one of my favorite character's and added that as the final layer.