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  1. Wisconsin Wtb si turbo

    mine is for sale for $450 shipped. taken out just before she hit 27k miles for the PRL turbo kit upgrade.
  2. Cheapest place to buy a si turbo?

    i dont know much about the EX-T to give you an answer on that one.
  3. Cheapest place to buy a si turbo?
  4. Cheapest place to buy a si turbo?

    i have mine for sale from my PRL turbo upgrade. had just under 27k miles when taken off. $450 shipped in the lower 48. ((will not ship internationally))
  5. Official TEXAS STATE WIDE MEET IN HOUSTON 3/21/2020

    so many 10th gens.. mostly Rs but a few nice Si cars.
  6. Aftermarket Fog lights on 2020 Si

    Morimoto xB fog lights paired with Morimoto xB headlights. great combo!
  7. Higher ECT Temp on 5w 30 oil

    keep your eyes on the road and not on your ECT temps :cool:
  8. ACT vs Competition Clutch

    i get no chatter out of my ACT street kit. surprising to hear you get some on yours.
  9. ACT vs Competition Clutch

    ACT street kit with kzCMC and PRL stainless steel line for the last 4000 or so miles. no regrets.
  10. For sale

    make sure y'all pay with paypal goods and services
  11. California WTB J's Racing Emblem Holder

    good luck. welcome to the world of JDM parts.
  12. Fitment help

    i have 18x9.5 +40 and lowered on HKS hipermax coils. i do have a rear camber kit and a front adjustable ball joints (hks doesnt have camber plates) just to dial in the camber better but it isn't necessary. i would definitely suggest camber adjustability to help dial in the stance especially if...
  13. Where is the best place to get an replacement fender

    rockauto has CAPA certified fenders for $45ish,2018,civic,1.5l+l4+turbocharged,3441616,body+&+lamp+assembly,fender,1380
  14. Where is the best place to get an replacement fender

    seibon has them in-stock according to the email i received today. only $1200 but you can get 10% off if you sign up for their newsletter or something like that.
  15. Stock clutch slipping at 32k mi, what clutch should I get

    i've had the ACT street clutch kit for the last 3500 miles or so. price being a factor it was by far cheaper than the retro R everyone seems adore. i paid $900 when it was on sale at map vs $1600+ of the retro R. comp came out shortly after i installed the ACT street kit. i added the kzcmc...
  16. Rolled fenders

    fenders are pretty flat already. if you're working with a super aggressive fitment i can see pulling them but that's about it.
  17. Hood Spacers

    cant be as bad as your license plate covering over half your intercooler if that's a 1.5T
  18. Civic si brake pad recommendations. Street use.

    OEM. just get them online hondapartscheap or another one of their 1000 websites they own.
  19. What's your SI looking like today?

    i picked them up used from the member classifieds section. guy only used them for a few months so it saved me a bit.
  20. What's your SI looking like today?

    upgraded to a set of morimoto xb led headlights. definately adds some aggressivness to the front end and finally rids me of the chrome housings in the oem headlights.