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  1. Type R on a UHaul car hauler. Can I do it?

    Probably not an absolute deal breaker for me but I feel you. Still have some time though before the 21’s disappear. Maybe you can find another one? I have a lead on a BB in Missouri for MSRP if you are interested.
  2. Type R on a UHaul car hauler. Can I do it?

    I wish I had been able to find a dealer that close. The best deal I could find was 550 miles from home. Had a blast driving it back though and also made me realize how great the R is with long distances. There is a good reason they classify it as a Touring. And the seats - wow, can sit in them...
  3. What did you pay?

    23,200 + TTL for my 20 Si 40,500 + TTL for my 21 R No trade-ins or loans, paid cash.
  4. 2021 Type R?

    Glad I was able to get mine before they are all gone. Anyone who is on the fence with buying a brand new one, this is your last chance!
  5. 2021 Civic Type R LE Transit and Dealer spreadsheet

    Damn, it's hard for me to believe some people would pay that much for a Civic but then if you gotta have it, you gotta have it - I know the feeling. But knowing both my 20 Si and 21 R combined cost me less than what some of these dealers are asking for an LE is insanity I tell you o_O
  6. Portable Jump Starter

    I helped a Civic bro with flashing a tune on his car and lo-and-behold, his car would not start back up. We ran to Walmart and picked up one of these - Worked like a champ!
  7. Kept the CTR and bought a REAL American muscle car too!

    I’ve got the Camaro production counts for 2017 buried somewhere but I think there were only a couple hundred built with Krypton Green paint. I can truthfully say I’ve never seen another one in that color since. Several RS/SS variants but never a ZL1. Wish I could have kept it to go along with...
  8. What's your SI looking like today?

    I know this is a Civic forum but I’m not going to lie - I think stock vs stock, the ST takes it. It’s got a 1.6l and weighs about 100lbs less. Doesn’t sound like much but I can feel it. After doing the mods to the Si though, I can honestly say it’s simply more fun to drive. Probably a smidge...
  9. What's your SI looking like today?

    Going on 6 years. It would certainly be a very nice thing to do for him. He’s a good kid so definitely not out of the question. I’d still get to drive it too :p
  10. What's your SI looking like today?

    Exactly. I’m torn. It’s never given me a single issue. And it’s bone stock. Something keeps telling me to hang on to it. Girlfriends son who is about to turn 18 has also asked me if I will teach him how to drive manual which is a great car to learn with IMO. My gut says hang on to it but my...
  11. What's your SI looking like today?

    Bro you are making feel bad now. Poor Fiesta been sitting out in front of the house for the past month not getting any love. Since I got the R, I’ve kind of neglected it :( Still toying with the idea of letting it go to Carvana. They are offering me about 1500 less than what I paid for it brand...
  12. Kept the CTR and bought a REAL American muscle car too!

    Very nice, what a beast :headbang: I had a 2017 ZL1 prior to trading it for my Z06. Mine had the optional Krypton Green paint and it was always crackin necks. This was my first taste of the LT4 and I have to say, Chevy got me hooked :yes:
  13. Sold the R and bought an American muscle car

    This thread certainly got popular :popcorn: I think the whole uproar is how the thread was titled. Had he put 'Traded in the R for a Tesla', you'd see a different response from everyone. I think most people were disappointed when they realized it was not a Camaro/Mustang/Challenger/big v8 car...
  14. Sold the R and bought an American muscle car

    Bingo. I will say I am glad they are enjoying it but if it were me, I would have kept the R to go along with the Tesla.
  15. What's your SI looking like today?

    Fully detailed inside and out
  16. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Almost 1 month of ownership and I finally drove it to work for the first time. Love that garage lighting 😍
  17. Will the 2021's be the most collectible

    Generally speaking, the last year of any generation/model seems to be the most desirable. I did pretty good with my Z06 - last year of the last generation of front engine Corvettes along with a manual transmission. So far it has retained its value exceptionally well. I hope that will be the case...