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  1. 2018 Civic Si Coupe Component Speakers upgrade. Help!?

    @CopperPeacock. Your reply really got me confused a bit so I had to find one of my old posts to set me straight. So what I was saying is if you buy one of these, from ebay or Amazon where they all look the same...
  2. Traded in the Si for a new GTI

    Neah MK8 doesn't look that different. I'd wait a bit longer to get the MK8. More power and digital cockpit. Win, win. At least 2021 GTI get wireless AA. :bow: If the MK8 Golf R comes with manual and a roof, I'm def upgrading if I still employed. That or the upcoming Toyota hot hatch...
  3. A Note About Back Up Camera Installation

    This one? One review says it might stay off for minutes so the delay relay might not help. Did they supply a schematic of the harness? You mentioned a 6V. Where's this 6V came from? And which pin is BU taken from?
  4. Maintenance minder changed after oil change from "A 7" then "B"?

    That screen shows the oil life and the item(s) due at the next oil change. It's in the owner's manual
  5. A Note About Back Up Camera Installation

    That's weird. Are you taking the signal from the backup light as showed below? If so, it's connected to the battery thru a bunch of relays. So does your backup light also drops from time to time? The fact that it drops to 0V from time to time could mean that some of the relays are loose or...
  6. Fuel pump recall

    Whew! 2020 coupe/sedan not on the list!
  7. Replacing 2019 Si CarPlay headunit with an aftermarket CarPlay headunit

    I only had two hung ups with mine for 1 year and >6K miles. I hope it doesn't get worst over time. lol...
  8. Replacing 2019 Si CarPlay headunit with an aftermarket CarPlay headunit

    You may be able to reset the oil % (maintenance minder?) without the head unit Not sure about the the other stuff such as TMPS, vehicle settngs, etc.. But I hear you dude. But changing car because of HU? You got...
  9. Replacing 2019 Si CarPlay headunit with an aftermarket CarPlay headunit

    I think you loose all abilities to adjust all settings that are not related to the HU. Items like vehicle settings, maintenance reset, TPMS calibration, etc.. However, there might be other ways to do some of the items without using the HU, but make sure to do research first.
  10. A Note About Back Up Camera Installation

    How's the rear camera activated? Does it come on automatically when you shift to R? Or do you have to press a button on the HU? I don't see how the wrong voltage could cause the display to flip between main screen and the camera. I mean if the camera voltage is incorrect, then you'd just see...
  11. Coupe Audio Crossover mounting positions?

    There're lots of possible places to hide them. The passenger side kick panel where the premium amp isn't. The amp is at least 1.5" thick so you should at least hide one in there. Behind the 12V socket. 3:30 will show you how to remove that panel with a hook. I don't think you have to...
  12. Coupe Audio Crossover mounting positions?

    Other ideas. Drill holes thru the door pockets to run wires thru and put the xovers in the pockets. I thought about doing that in my Prelude, but ended up finding a place behind the panel. I assume you don't have the premium amp so only two wires goes into each door vs 4 in the premium amp...
  13. Component speakers with no phone audio

    The amp bypass. Any chance you connected the rears (not the fronts) from the HU to the amp? But I think it would probably sound really bad if you did tho. So probably not that.
  14. Component speakers with no phone audio

    Does BT Audio work? Probably one of the following reasons Nothing to do with your install. Your HU just messed up. Do a factory data reset and re-pair your phone You didn't feed the front speakers to the amp. I think the phone audio comes out of the front only.
  15. Help with wiring line output converter. 10th get civic.

    If you have the standard touchscreen (none Premium), then you don't have a center channel and no external amplifier. And the speaker wirings are as follows. Looks like 4 wires into the mid-ranges and 2 wires into the tweeters? On the Premium System, it's better to tap into the front speakers...
  16. 2016 Honda Civic LX Infotainment System Issues

    Have you tried And as for the hood latch. Search for "2016 honda civic hood latch" on utube and you will see lots of videos. Instead of removing the battery terminal. Might be easier to remove the radio fuse. 0:55 in video.
  17. Android auto connection issues

    The cable that came with the 2020 Si is an extension cable. Not a OTG cable. So yes, you can plug this into the extension or into the car's USB port directly. But I don't know why you would not want to use the extension. It's more convenient to plug into the extension I would think. You do...
  18. Looking at an amp for an Si

    Yup, this is the datasheet for the factory amplifier Page 12. I doubt the JBL's input impedance is less than 100 Ohm. Looks like you need to put a 85 ohm or less resistor across the speaker outputs. I would pick a 75 ohm 5W (10W to be...
  19. Looking at an amp for an Si

    What @shoegazer said. Maybe you turn the volume up one day and down the other? Try run it a few days with your computer speakers also connected and see if it stays working. Also check this Depends on the input impedance of your amp. Unfortunately, JBL didn't publish that. Nominal input...
  20. How many miles are you getting per tank and what MPG?

    What year civic: 2020 Civic Si Coupe Average MPG: 32-34 mpg. 27 MPG lowest observed 80% city. Range per Tank: 300 ~ 320 miles Mostly highway/city/mixed: 40/60 Suburban/Freeway Which octane gas do you use: 93 Engine Modifications: None Driving Habit: Spirited lots of time